Friday, March 02, 2012

The guy with the oud

It was really late at night.  I was driving home from where I'd been and thinking of him.  He just got home from where he'd been.  Like he knew, he sent me a message.  And then he was there.  He had his oud.  I was so tired.  He played for a little while; he played while I lay down and shut my eyes.  I fell asleep to the sound of his music.  It was like falling into Heaven. Everything was sweet.  Do you  know how much I love you now and always?


Lara said...

Wow! Thank you for the beautiful picture.

Anonymous said...

Check out 248AM website, are you in that photo? You stated on your website that you worked on the free kuwait campaign - thought you would enjoy these photos. Don't tell us that you had the hots for the guy in the middle with the mustache :)

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 11:34 - Nooo, not me; although I probably had the mom jeans and I definately still have the Free Kuwait sweatshirt.

I think all these photos were from London. We were in DC. I can't remember ever taking photos - or having my photo taken at that time.

Guy with the mustache - em NO.