Saturday, March 24, 2012

4th of July at the US Embassy

I had the great fortune of attending the US Embassy's National Day party this week.  It is actually the 4th of July recognition, but it is moved to another date every year for several reasons:  First, because having it on the 4th would be too obvious and cause security problems; next, lots of people leave town around May when it gets hot and the kids are out of school; and lastly because March has beeeeeautiful weather, so why the heck not? :)

Last year's event was larger because it was the 50/20 celebration and there were fireworks and a lot of congratulations on the 20 years of the liberation and all that.  I was glad that this year's event didn't have quite so many people.  It is held outside around a grass area where you just can't wear heels.  Some of the ladies were wearing 4" heels (which make  your legs look fantastic, however, not when they are 4" deep into terrain).  I did that last hear; huge mistake.

Yes yes, I have BMC'ed in former years about the courtesy of the Embassy, and their first-line staff in particular.  I couldn't be more complimentary about the night's event.  Everyone (and I mean EVERYone) from the cleaning staff all the way up to Ambassador Teuller himself greeted us with, "Welcome to the US Embassy."  Outstanding hospitality.  (I now want our site staff to do the same in our company's offices because it made such a huge first impression.)  I went with The Man and he said, "Are you sure we are in the right place?"

Last year, The Man's daughter went with me to the embassy, so I thought it was only fair that he got to go and see what it is all about.  I think (hope) he had a great time.    I saw a lot of people I know, got to shake a lot of hands and get hugs from a few special people.  I also saw my Sheikha friend's handsome brother from afar and no Stella, I did not run across the quad and pounce upon him. tee hee.

OMG and talking about special (not in a short-bus way), Kimberly Lewis sang the National Anthem.  Oh.My.God.  From where I was standing, I couldn't see who was singing, but what a voice!!!!  You go, girl.  Want to come to my house and sing happy birthday to me next month? :)  You're invited!

So, if you are a follower (hey - I gots 101 of them now! - that probably doesn't seem like a lot to some, but I treasure my stalkers.), you probably know that I have long complained about "How do I, as an average American working in Kuwait, score an invitation to our country's national day party at the embassy?"  I posed this question once to Ambassador Deborah Jones (I MISS YOU and your pithiness) and she responded with, "Do something for the embassy."  My mind immediately went dirty.  (Well, okay, she did follow it by a comment that made me think dirty - something about dating someone there or something like that, but we won't go into it here...)  Anyhoo, this made me ponder (not about the dating someone at the embassy).... Just what could score me an invitation (by the serious part of her response).  I have figured it out.  If you, American people, want to know, write to me and I'll tell you the secret. (

The one thing that is still a disappointment to me at the Embassy National Day Parties (I'm sorry, but this has to be said.  I'm sorry - I know you are going to say, "C'mon DG!!!  Please stop complaining!" ):  The bathrooms.  I have been to desert camps for parties with better bathroom facilities for parties.  Port-a-Pottys?  Really?  If I have a choice between a sand lot and a port-a-potty, the sand is going to win every time.  You've got VIPs and dignitaries... port-a-pottys?  Seriously?  There are trailers you can rent that have marble floors and gold fixtures.  I've been in 'em.  They're great.

So thank you, everyone at the embassy.  But most particularly, Media Girl, Ms. R, and Ms. G.  for the hospitality and a lovely evening.

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Jacqui said...

I've been one of your fans (ahem stalkers) for years now since we've both been blogging for a similar period of time. I got a chance to go this time with Pops as he was invited and Mother didn't want to go. So I remembered from one of your previous posts how annoying it was to be in heels and I listened to that piece of advice wore my trusty boots and a lovely dress and headed off. This was a first time and I totally agree with you Kimberly sang beautifully and I loved it.

It was a nice event my pet peeve was the smell of the food all around you hehe I believe Ruby Tuesdays or one of the restaurants had shrimp there and it smelled like a beach. But it was a lovely experience.

I kept looking around hoping to see you but then again I didn't know how you look like so I didn't think I'd find you but oh well.

Glad you had funs!