Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Decency Bill - WTF

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‘Blatant intrusion in personal lives’ ‘
Decency’ bill rapped

KUWAIT CITY, March 12: The President of the Women’s Cultural Social Society Sheikha Al-Nisf has criticized the MPs who have tabled the so-called ‘Decency Bill’ of playing political Islam. She pointed out to the deteriorating situation in Kuwait which has led to the emergence of backward thinking, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In an interview with the newspaper, she pointed out behavior of decency is not confined only to wearing clothes, saying the women in the Kuwaiti society are known for modesty and Islam and does not need recommendations from the MPs.

She regretted what she called the blatant interference in the behaviors and personal life of the people. She noted these currents promote the thought of (Osama) bin Laden. She added they want Kuwait to be another Taleban-minded country.

The composition of the 2012 National Assembly will end up issuing a package of laws against the society as a whole and not against women only.

She pointed such restrictions which are imposed on the Kuwaiti people have made thousands of Kuwaiti families flee from Kuwait on vacations because of the mentality of close-minded people who fight tooth and nail tourism and recreation in Kuwait. For these people everything is ‘haram’.

She said Kuwait is governed by the Constitution. She added these currents want to impose their ideology on the society and even though they contradict themselves in all things, they in the past stood against all the political rights for women and now they take advantage of women’s vote to exploit their position and call for demolition of churches.

In another development, several academics, economists and politicians have outrightly rejected the decency draft bill, while calling for decency of the idea itself since it casts doubts on the ethical standards of women in the Kuwaiti society.

They have voiced objection to the suggestion of a parliamentary bloc, which they accused of using religion to serve political interests, affirming that the Kuwaiti community knows what is unethical, ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ even before the formation of the group.

They have also pointed the people of Kuwait voted for the members of the bloc to address pending issues, instead of calling for the demolition of churches and preventing the construction of new ones. Apparently, the bloc is not content with such calls; hence, it is now pushing for the approval of the decency bill as if women walk naked on the streets of Kuwait. The group seems bent on taking Kuwait back to the old ages, the experts added.

Commenting on the proposal, Social Sciences Professor at Kuwait University Dr Dalal Al-Zibn said the Kuwaiti society rejects the precepts being spread by religious movements in and outside the National Assembly, because the entire community has been aware of the decency code, customs, traditions and public moral standards long before the entry of the bloc into the local political arena.

On the other hand, economic expert Dr Adel Al-Saadoun believes the first proposal presented by the Islamic group in the 2012 National Assembly will only push Kuwait backwards, wondering how the so-called Justice Bloc conceptualized a bill that is tantamount to invading people’s privacy. He observed the group is terrorizing the society, urging them to relax a little because Islam is not about forcing people to follow a certain direction in their life.

Journalist Aisha Al-Rushaid asked if any woman has been seen dressed indecently in a public place in Kuwait, wondering why the decency bill seems not applicable to men who walk in shorts and pajamas in the market and malls. She affirmed she will not allow anyone to restrict her freedom because she was born free.

National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Dr Ahmad Al-Munayyes contended this kind of bill is deemed offensive to the people of Kuwait, considering its proponents want to impose their will on a society with a set of moral principles that have been observed for decades. It is unacceptable for someone to insult the women through the implementation of a decency law because the country has its own ethics code.
Prominent columnist Ahmad Al-Sarraf added the bill is flawed and lacks decency. He asserted the proponents of the bill are still living in the past. 


Anonymous said...

Be prepared for the absolute WORST because these guys are getting e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. They want.

Anonymous said...

These 'guys' have been used for years to stall the development process - yes, I am saying that it is calculated. When the Arab Spring occurred this place got real scared and since then, all kinds of photos of development projects have been funnelled to the UAE press to calm the masses, however if you will note from the articles most had no start dates (ie the metro project) or had dates a years down the road (the airport). Don't you ever wonder why this oil-rich nation, especially with their budget surplus did not think of building a new airport 15 years ago when other GCC nations were on a intense development path? They didn't realize that the population levels would increase and a new gateway was imperative to the reputation of this nation? If I were a young Kuwaiti I would be waving more than a black flag in Parliament.