Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hawa Pink Taxis: Update me

Back in January of 2010, I posted about a new company that was supposed to start up that year.  I hadn't heard anything more about it until a reader posted a comment this week.  I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything more.  I thought it was a fabulous idea and I'm wishing Ms. Al-Mutairi well.  

Bedoor Al-Mutairi, Hawa Taxi (the pink ones)
I am loving all the articles about Bedoor Al-Mutairi and the pink taxis; the one today in the Arab Times in particular. The other articles have been discussing the concept and the launch, but this article touches on Ms. Al-Mutairi's difficulties in getting the project off the ground -which ya know, this being Kuwait and she being female, was bound to happen....  (Full post HERE.)

K-Dude sent me:  "I was just reading that they won a court case against the MOI. Apparently they had banned women from driving taxis, thus essentially shutting this idea down. Nevermind that it was completely unlawful for them to ban women from driving taxis. Maybe this will get up and running now? "

Kuwait is seeming more and more archaic to me lately.

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Anonymous said...

i checked their membership in the kuwait chamber and commerce and their membership is expired (which means they're outta bizness since you need membership to have a valid license)
good idea - zero marketing = outta bizness