Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Approach with Bedoun could be subject to political accountability

Approach with Bedoun could be subject to political accountability
Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Alwatan Daily by Osama Al-Qatari

KUWAIT: Former MP and First Constituency candidate Saleh Ashour said that . . .

In an interview with Al Watan, Ashour said that the decisions made by the Interior Ministry regarding the deportation of Bedouns (stateless Arabs) who participate in peaceful demonstrations to demand their rights, could make the government subject to political accountability by the coming Parliament. He stressed the need to serve justice for Bedouns by immediately naturalizing those entitled to get the Kuwaiti citizenship.
. . .

Asked about his opinion about the demonstrations led by Bedouns, Ashour stressed, "Bedouns are human beings who have [legitimate] rights which the State failed to guarantee to them". He argued that the current predicament was created by the government, adding that he can never accept injustice to Bedouns.

Ashour pointed out that the Bedoun community organized demonstrations and raised the flags of Kuwait and photos of the Amir as signs that they love this country. He added, "Are we punishing them for raising the flags of Kuwait and the photos of the Amir by beating them and raiding their houses?" He went on to say, "Are we living in Kuwait or in a police state? Why didn't the authorities naturalize the Bedouns who are entitled to receive the Kuwaiti nationality? Why are the other categories deprived from their basic rights?"

In regards to the recent decisions made by the government to deport Bedouns who take part in demonstrations, Ashour said, "I will stand against such decisions. I can never accept the deportation of Bedouns".

50 people involved in Bedouns protests referred to public prosecution
Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Alwatan Daily by Ibtisam Saeed

KUWAIT: The public prosecution has detained 50 people who took part in the demonstrations in Taymaa, including Bedouns, Gulf citizens and expatriates.

Prosecution has also referred nine people to forensic to write reports on their injuries.
President of the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents Saleh Al-Fadalah said that the apparatus is currently looking into the files related to naturalization of military personnel, children of widows and divorced Kuwaiti women and those who obtain university degrees. He added that the names of naturalized people will be announced soon.

In a meeting with the Yemeni female activist Tawakul Kirman, who received Nobel Peace Prize, Al-Fadalah said that the solutions developed to address the issue of Bedouns (stateless Arabs) are based on several principles, most importantly justice, in order to give the citizenship to those who are entitled to get it, and at the same time holding the violators and forgers accountable.

For her part, Kirman expressed admiration with democracy in Kuwait, noting that she visited some electoral headquarters in order to learn from the Kuwaiti experience how to achieve democracy in Yemen. She said that the issue of Bedouns is a priority for her as a person who won noble prize. She said that she is confident that the central apparatus will address this issue.

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