Monday, December 07, 2009

Road Closures During GCC Summit in Kuwait

Kuwait sees temporary road closure for Gulf summit

GCC summit 12/6/2009 5:18:00 PM

KUWAIT, Dec 6 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti traffic authorities are poised to seal off or divert some roads early Monday as part of preparatory measures and arrangements for the coming GCC summit due in Kuwait between December 14-15.

Traffic on the Riyadh and King Faisal roads will be diverted to the Fifth Ring Road directly post Yarmuk suburb, and traffic from Jahraa to the Fifth Ring Road is to be diverted to the Airport Road, the Interior Ministry said in a release on Sunday.

In addition, motorists coming from Salmiya on the Fifth Ring Road will have to drive down the King Abdelaziz Road directly post Jabriya, it instructed.

The street along the airport runway through the Seventh Ring Road, the Airport Road along the Amiri Terminal and the Fifth Ring Road with the two directions of the King Abdelaziz Road will be closed, it added.

The ministry urged Kuwaiti and foreign motorists to show cooperation with the Traffic by observing such traffic instructions. (end)


DG observations:

First, I have been looking for King Abdelaziz Road on maps and I can’t find it. What is that? I, like many Americans/Westerners, seek road numbers like 30, 40, 50, 55. I also would like to see visuals like a MAP.

Second, why cain't they just sey, "Stay away from Bayan Palace". Plain and simple. Bayan Palace will be the Epicenter of All Traffic; the Mother of All Traffic in Kuwait if you will.

No wonder they have been toiling away in front of Bayan Palace, planting flowers (while the Municipality is ripping them up everywhere else in the country). They even built a pretty new gate (although it still needs work to compete with what they've got in the Emirates).

Any way you go during this thing, you are going go be skunked.


Anonymous said...

This would be helpful to you and other expatriates in Kuwait to identify roads in the country,
Take care

Jewaira said...

5th Ring Road will be closed today from 12 to 13:30. This is in preparation for 14/12.

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Jewaira. I saw the signs on the road - in ARABIC.

Anonymous said...

DG you crack me up.