Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I got botoxed for Christmas. Thanks, Cait. I love it. Did I need it? Perhapsee, perhapsee not. Thing is, I wanted to try it, I liked it, I'd do it again. The little lines on my forehead are gone and it is as if I had an immediate brow lift. All due to Dr. Poindexter. This will indeed be addictive.

So, now that I've had it done here, I need to know where to get it done (well) in Kuwait? Any recommendations?



DOD said...

Yes, to spend money on better things. Botox is a waste IMO...most women are pretty before the injections and dont even need those crazy things.

Shaima said...

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Anonymous said...

Plastsurge at the Inaya German Medical Center has 2 very well reputed doctors in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Think the number is 65688622

Jewaira said...

Now that is a positive, candid reaction to being botoxed :-)

Am glad you liked it.

Mrs F said...

haha! your honesty is refreshing :) love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi DG,

Happy New Year! I wish you a great new year. I'm glad you took the time to do something nice for yourself during the holidays.

I also wanted to tell you that due to your sound advice I now have a Job. So, thanks.

Keep writing. Your writing brings joy to my otherwise mondane days:)

Ladies who do lunch in Kuwait said...

I have heard Dr.Sahar Ghannam is the best at botoxing. She is in Hawally Tel. 22618122/22613233.
A friend had her face done and looks great. Good luck :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Desert Girl in Kuwait - Did you find anyone who is good at botoxing in Kuwait?