Monday, December 07, 2009

Disgusted with e-mail Forward

A man I know in his 50's forwarded me such an offensive e-mail movie this morning that I sent it to friends with police connections to see if they could trace it to have the creators caught.

It was a little boy - maybe 2 years old - mimicking intercourse with his near-naked mother - who was laughing at him and prodding him on as another woman laughed in the background. I only watched a portion of it before turning it off and deleting it, but the dialect sounded Kuwaiti - or closeby in the Gulf. Obviously, the child had been exposed to this type of act and was quite familiar with it - at 2!

This kind of sick behavior would have a slew of people arrested if it happened in the States. They would be charged with child pornography and child endangerment (or equivalent). Anyone who kept it on their computer would also be arrested.

I can't believe that people would even forward it! Why???? The man who sent it to me is someone I did business with years ago and whose daughter was a close friend! I'm so disgusted. What kind of a person would find amusement in that???


Anonymous said...

As a mother and a person, I find this to be very disturbing. How could a mother laugh at such behavior? Or better, how could she look herself in the mirror knowing what she is exposing her son to?

It is unfortunate, how some people ruin their childrens lives out of ignorance and selfishness.

I pitty the mother and the person who forwarded the email to you for their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight, its not his mother its a maid or nanny or khadama or whatever! and the dialect is not kuwaiti or arabic! No mother will do that to a child or her child! it is a known fact that domestic help often times sexually touch children, or rape them.It is a horrible disturbing video even kuwaiti people find it disturbing. I hope next time you get your facts straight and stop righting stuff like that without getting your facts straight. I repeat child abuse is not tolerated in kuwait or the gulf or the middle east even if some predators do exist among us.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 11:10 -

Did you see it? And - you seem to be so secure in knowing that it is not his mother, perhaps you were there or know the people involved.

I don't have to have my facts straight - leave it to the authorities to figure out who is to blame. If it "is not tolerated in Kuwait" - then let the police do something about it.

It was a Kuwaiti who fowarded it to me. The dialect (I - as in me, not you - heard) was Kuwaiti or Khaleeji.

There are good and bad people everywhere. Don't blame it all on the maids.

If you have a blog, post your opinion there. If you did see it, then shame on you for not forwarding it to the police as well.

Desert Girl said...

And again - it is all about the blame game in Kuwait and not really doing anything ABOUT the situation.

abolesanzalef said...


Jewaira said...

Whoever was involved in filming or forwarding such filth should be ashamed of themselves. Regardless of how open one is about sexual intimacy, a bold red line should stop at anything to do with children.

jessyz said...

I hope they catch the people responsible and the kid gets some real help because unfortunately sexually abused children do need professional help.

Desert Girl said...

My friend in a high place tells me that this is an old movie - maybe 5 years ago. I feel bad that nothing has been done to these people in 5 years and that baby has probably been exposed to further abuse. So sad.

Anonymous said...

So sad, good for you for sending this on to the authorities. There should be more people like you.

Sparkle said...

Why did i come up anonymous?


Lupa said...

I believe the 2nd anonymous thinks you're pointing fingers at 'khaleejis' when you are not one yourself... now you know how thats viewed in this region dont u :P
Anyways, Im glad you sent it to people with the police connections. Regardless if that female was his mother/nanny or even a complete stranger.. exposing a child to that behavior and then having them repeat it and finding it amusing is sick nonetheless.. and say it was the domestic help who are quite commonly known to sexually abuse children, why put so much trust in them when it comes to our children's care? Doesn't make sense to me. People seem to want to have more and more children in this area without any kind of parental responsibility except perhaps financial.

Anonymous said...

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