Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Love Jamil

I scored a Jamil doll at a white hephilump (elephant) party. I brought a sheep. The Man brought serwal (new, in a pack!). He won a coffee mug with fish in the ying/yang position... (I'm not going there). Coincidence or creepy - the mug had an "H" on it.

The party was great. We had a lot of fun. Got home and argued (well, he did) that I was spending too much time talking to another man. He got so angry about it and it was so stupid that I told him to go home. He called me in the morning to giggle about how silly he was. I laughed at him because I know how he gets. He didn't mean it, he just went from zero to stupid in 6.2 seconds.

Anyhoo, I slept with Jamil that night. That's right. Jamil is the new man 0'my dreams (if only The Man knew....). Too bad he is only 5" tall and anotomically incorrect. Otherwise, he would be ideal - never argues. Just lies there looking handsome.... gets along well with my dog.

I had big plans for Jamil: I was going to wire him to the front grill of my Envoy, but I have decided better than that.


Victoria said...

every time i visit my best friend in lebanon i buy her one of these dolls, she has three so far, the man, the woman and i think the equivalent of "skipper"-the other woman. She even bought them all a toy couch and has them on display, its a running joke of ours!

Desert Girl said...

Victoria - I may just have to do the same. I wonder if it will ever get to the point where Jamil will buy a Caprice and Jamila will get a little driver... Then they an make diwaniya buddies for Jamil - all holding tiiiiiiny little stikanas. They also need a mother-in-law figure. Throw in several maid/nanny dolls... Jamil didn't come with a pack of Marlboro reds and a misbah, so he's really not complete/accurate anyways. He also had NO watch - yeh!!! What man would be caught dead without his watch and his misbah?!

Purgatory said...


Jewaira said...


didn't know Jamil existed before this

UmmFaisal said...

This is not about the doll, it's about The Man...just wanted to say I know how you feel! My Man gets mad at me if he thinks I'm talking for too long too! My Man is Kuwaiti, I'm American, are they all like that?

Carolina said...


i am very interesting in this doll...please write me

Desert Girl said...

Carolina - The dolls are available from The Sultan Center stores in Kuwait.

I don't sell them.

You might also do a google search if you are interested.

Good luck.