Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hubungous Snowstorm

I'm in Virginia and there is about 2' of snow on the ground. I can't believe it. I can't remember the last time I saw so much snow. My sister is having her office party here at the house tonight and has caterers coming for 40 people; IF they can get here. It is still snowing! Its been snowing since last night and it is supposed to continue. Snow Dude has plowed the front street at the culdesac (sp?) twice already and it is still covered in snow. It is amazing. I love it! I can't remember when I've been around during a white Christmas. So cool (literally!)


Anonymous said...

it sucks for me cuz im trying to get the freak outta here and this snow has cancelled very flight. SUCKS!!!!

daggero said...

DG ;

So how did the office party go ??

Merry christmas and post us a photo of the fire place roaring and all decked out

take care

Anonymous said...

A good old fashioned white Christmas eh? So much for Global Warming....I hope it's a Christmas that you'll never forget.
Cul de sac is French for 'bottom of the bag' meaning the shape of the street of course.
Thanks for your blog, it continues to entertain. Happy Christmas!

Mohammad said...

I was in Viginia, Blacksburg in last March and it was snowing lightly at that time for few days, I was there for 2 weeks only with my wife who had a course in Virginia Tech. as I heared from the news that the storm is covering a wide distance from the central to the eastren side of the country, in fact 2' is a alot of snow, I can tell because we got only 1" in Ohio and it was inconvnience for some people, however, we were happy to watch the flurries during the past 2 days since it was our first experience in US as a family.

Jewaira said...

Have a wonderful holiday

abolesanzalef said...

good you are OK.

justeeeen said...

Have a lovely holiday
peace :)