Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The French Group

I am always leary of companies that don't provide an e-mail address to send your resume to. Either they don't have a domain name or can't figure out how to create an anonymous e-mail (or worse - don't have a computer!)

I decided to call this one after several friends brought it to my attention. I asked the receptionist for their e-mail. She said they are only conducting telephone interviews. I said I am busy today (at work) and maybe the interviewer could contact me tomorrow. What did she do? She immediately transferred me to the (maybe Lebanese) woman. I asked (4 times)if she would give me the opportunity to close my office door as I am AT WORK. That's when the "my dears" began. When people ASSume that they can become informal with me right-off-the-bat, I ASSume they are being condescending. Not a good start. It gets worse....

"Where do you work?"
I told her.
"How old are you?"
'Why is that relevant?'
"How old are you?"
'I'm 29'
"How much money do you make? What is your total package?"
At this point, I'm pissed off. I told her that the number of personal questions being asked over the phone is disturbing and perhaps a face-to-face interview would be more appropriate.
"THIS is the way we do it my dear."

Ok biotch. Good luck with that.
Were they going to ask for my measurements next?

Obviously, they are looking for someone with little or no business acumen. No one professional would go through this type of questioning. Ridiculous. C'est incredible! Non non non!

I am a seasoned marketing professional with over 13 years experience in the Kuwaiti market. I COULD have stated that, had MY DEAR had my resume and cover letter in front of her. Telephone interviews SHOULD be conducted AFTER you receive resumes. You pick out the ones that sound good and call them. If they measure up at that point, then you call them in for a face-to-face interview.


nYx said...

Just one of those mama and papa firms!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - the same information (from the newspaper) was with me. But during my call it was "Ms J. is out of the office and will call you back immediately ...". What never happened. Today I had this no. in my "reminder timeschedule" - but they didn't took even the call ... That's what I call "unprofessional up to the top". I think it was better NOT to reach them!!! Have a beautiful day - Noura

Anonymous said...

I called this ad a couple years ago when I was desperate for work. I got an appointment for the place in the Free Trade Zone. It was in the same building as one of the American companies. Anyways, I went upstairs to be met by some teenage looking Lebanese females. I sat down and waited for the interview.

Beside me was an older lady to started up a conversation about the job and blah blah, I was totally uninterested so I just listened and smiled. Well they called me in for my interview and it happened that the female beside me was there for her appointment but she was early. So they decided to take both of us in at the same time. I was irritated at that she should have waited not interrupt my interview.

I was met by a Frenchy guy who didn't speak English. So the teenage girl decided to be the translator as the older Lebanese chiok watched. I really liked his French accent but he was like a hundred years old. They tell me it's an advertising company and that they need saleswomen. I totally got blocked by the weirdo lady beside me. I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Needless to say I didn't get a call back.

Later I met an American lady who worked for them and it boils down to the company wanting females to sell coupon books to different companies, thank God they didn't call back. They continue to post the ad every once in a while.