Sunday, November 03, 2013

Camping Season

It is now November 3.  Camping season officially opened on November 1.  My camp (shared with a bunch of friends) is almost ready.  This is the first time I have my own tent (not shared with someone).  I'm all happy about it.  I'm working on decorating now.

One of my very best buddies included me in his camp this year and set up my tent.  I'm surrounded by good friends and I'm sure we're going to have a great winter.  Unfortunately, they set up camp in a very noisy neighborhood.  It isn't too far from the City, but it is in an area where there are a lot of parties and kids in Julai'ia.  I preferred further South near Khiran/Wafra (where Desert Guy and the Toxic Group have set up their camp), but not my choice.

Things aren't cool with Desert Guy.  Although he promised that we would be together this winter at his camp, he's been down there for 2 weeks working on it and 1) hasn't invited me and 2) hasn't been very attentive.  By that, I mean that he has been going back to his old ways of ignoring me. I believe there is either another woman in the picture or other women.  Whatevah.   Everything is from God, so maybe it wasn't all meant to be (the camp or the man).  His friends are awful anyways.

Funny how he was so incredibly attentive and kind for about a month (didn't have anything better to do?) and then all of a sudden, stopped responding to my SMSs and phone calls (which, trust you me, were at a bare minimum as I was trying not to provide even the slightest implication of smothering).  I was hopeful, but all my eggs have not been in one basket, so I'm good to go.

The short-term-re-heat wasn't without benefit, however.  He introduced me to his circle of cousins, who  have turned out to be a lovely group of people who are now friends.  They have a villa where they all gather on the weekends and the owner has deemed me worthy of being one of the gang.

They have also given me unsolicited information/advice about DGy.  I love people who are direct and to the point.  These are just honest (older/wiser) guys and spoke to me freely. I have a much better understanding of DGy now:  "He has a good heart, but...."   (and the "but's" went on and on as discussed by every person sitting there -- and these were blood relatives.)  So, I spent the weekend with the cousins and not with DGy.  Some people run hot and cold.  He's cold right now.  I'm fine with that.  Many more tents in the desert and I have my OWN. Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

may I ask why are you dating kuwaitis?

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 2:24 - May I ask why you ask? I don't understand the question. Why does anyone date anyone?