Monday, November 18, 2013

If you don't like my dog, you can get the F out

There are 2 residents in my home:  my dog and I.  WE live there.  It is OUR home, not just mine.  For the past 16 years, people have come and gone from my life and there is one constant being:  Desert Dawg.  She  has been with me through sick and sin, good times and bad, happy and sad.  She really doesn't complain much (unless I try to wake her up in the morning or get in between her and her chicken).  She's always happy to see me.  She puts her head on my chest when I'm sick.  She gives me kisses when I cry.  I occasionally get a hug - but only on her terms.

So, it pisses me off when people come to OUR home and say, "Take 'that' outside.  I don't like it." Emm nooo,  you must have misunderstood the sign on the door that reads:  All guests must be approved by the dog.

I have literally thrown people out of my house for infractions - and I don't care.  I believe that if someone respects you and likes you, then they show caring for what you love.

One of my friends invited people to a party at my house one time.  My rules are simple:  Don't bother the dog, don't bother my neighbors, be polite.  Well, one of the girls that I didn't know didn't like my dog.  Desert Dawg rarely makes noise when she's in any kind of distress, but I heard her yelp.  I walked over and not-very-politely said, "Whoever hurt the dog should leave NOW."  5 minutes later, rude people left.

On the flip side, if my dog doesn't like someone, I don't either.  She's a great judge of character and intuitively knows if people are good or bad.  (And if she loves someone, that's it.  She remembers them and gets upset when they don't come to visit her.)

I had a visitor the other night.  First time in my home.  He sat down and told me to put the dog outside (as IF anyone should tell you to do anything in your own home).  Dawg looked at him strangely.   I made him so uncomfortable that he left a short while later.  I don't put up with any BS on this subject.  'There's the door, now get the F out.'

Now, I have had religious friends who don't want Desert Dawg to touch them and I completely understand that.  My dog even respects them.  All I have to do is give her the commands and she won't go near.  But, there is a polite way to say it and let's be real; if my dog is going to respect your wishes (seriously!) respect mine.  Kindness is different than rudeness.

There is no question.  Love me, love my dog.


Anonymous said...

I love this entry.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying. I like dogs but don't like them in my personal space jumping on me and licking me. I wouldn't expect anyone to put their dogs outside for me but sometimes dog owners allow their dogs to pounce [I don't mean aggressively] on people and think it's quite funny when this happens. Not all of us like this. I avoid going to friends' houses where the dogs run a mock. I think it's about respect on both sides including dog owners.

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Intlxpatr. :) Nice to hear from you. I stalk you from afar.

Anonymous 8:02 - I completely agree. Nothing is more obnoxious than going to someone's house and having their pet (don't care what species - including human children) in yo' space. There is one friend who I REFUSE to visit because their dogs disgust me; all over the place, barking and being allowed to use the house as their personal bathroom. The owners think it is funny. EEEEEWWW
The other friend's dog has tried to have "intimate relations" with my HEAD. Respect and courtesy is a 2-way street. You can't expect guests to put up with rude behavior of the house occupants.

Gela said...

I loved reading this! I have a cat that will be 17 years old next month. He's been with me through the death of two immediate family members, a divorce and countless other times. He's always happy to see me, doesn't care what I look like or how much money to spend. All he wants is food and attention. He's been in my life longer than most people I know! So I completely understand the bond you and Desert Dog have. Plus animals seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to people, like you said. Hope you are doing well, DG. It's hot as f*ck here in Thailand. I am actually missing the cooler weather of the desert and camping season. Hopefully I can come back soon to visit.

CAMartino said...

Good owner, good dog....

Anonymous said...

I really don't like dogs, super cat person here. I do respect everyone and their pets. But i don't like it when people let their dogs run around jumping on anyone. i think dogs realize i don't like them and then they just HAVE to jump on me. We lived in England for several years and , trust me, they love their dogs there. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with a difficult pregnancy and a big black lab headed right to me and jumped, I just had enough time to turn so I wouldn't get the full force of dog on baby. Will i ever get over that? I just don't know. I was very upset when the rescuers wouldn't let people take their dogs with them when they were being rescued from hurricane Katrina. OK there is hope for me.