Sunday, November 03, 2013

My Visit with a Very Lovely Medium

A friend of mine asked if I would like to speak to a visiting psychic/medium while she is here in Kuwait.  I am a big fan of the metaphysical.  We are all energy and afterlife is a part of every major religion.

I wanted to know what happened to Shamlan.
He was (and is) the love of my life.  I believe that I will most likely go to my grave loving and mourning him.

I know that some of you reading might believe (like La Senza did) that I make this stuff up.  I honestly couldn't make it up if I tried.  Let's just say that I have an "interesting" life and .... well, things happen.

I have never known the full story.  He died in 1995.   The official cause of death (in the police report - which I have verified) was suicide by gunshot wound to the head.  His family still tells people that he died of a heart attack (his uncle told me that when I called to ask for Shamlan).  He was found with a pillow over the face, shot through to his forehead.  Differing and confusing stories:   It has all been a mystery.

The night before I learned of his death (February 13), I dreamt that Shamlan was holding my hand.  It wasn't like a dream. I could feel the warmth of his hand and the pressure of him squeezing down.  He sat close and told me that the days he spent with me were the happiest days of his life.  He spoke in that sexy, sultry voice he had.

The next day on Valentines Day, I called him.  His mobile phone was disconnected.  His house phone was disconnected.  His business phone was disconnected.  I called his family.  He was gone.  I called  our mutual friend and he told me that his brother  believed strongly that Shamlan had been murdered.   I immediately knew it to be true; a gut feeling.  Verified, I believed, by a succession of dreams I had about him that continued for years.

I never knew the reason why he had been killed.  I knew he was (and is) always "with me".  I can feel him close.  Several of my "seeing" friends can tell also.  Naz knew the minute he walked into my home for the first time and said, "Who's the guy with you?"  I just smiled and let him continue ("thought to exist, but can not be verified....")

So this weekend, I was searching for answers about Shamlan and I believe I got them.

Medium Lady (ML)  didn't use any props or hocus-pocus.  She just greeted me with a handshake and we sat down to chat in a hotel apartment living room.   She accurately told me several things that no one knows about me.  And then I asked her about him.

I told her that he had died tragically and I wanted answers.  I didn't provide details.  She said she thought he was a soul mate; and that she felt that his death was related to the heart and that he had died very suddenly; not prolonged.    She went on to tell me that his death is something that his family has never recovered from and he just wants them to move on.  ML said that 2 sisters were very close to him and that his brother was still having problems moving on.  And then, ML, who comes from London and knows very little about the Arabic culture said, "His brothers name is Ahmed."  I just smiled because I knew Shamlan was talking now. There is no way ML (or anyone else because I have never mentioned his name) could know that Shamlan's brother's name is Ahmed.  There is no way that she could have known that he had 2 sisters (as Shamlan called them, "my 2 little monkeys.")

ML said that he was killed by someone that Shamlan knew (as I had strongly suspected) and it was over a business dispute (this is something that I never knew, but now it all makes sense).  It was not direct; someone was hired to kill him.  Shamlan was the oldest son in the family and had, by obligation, taken over the family business (although I remembered when we talked when I was 15/16 - he really didn't want to).  Their businesses were located on land that was very valuable in the middle of Dubai.  He was killed so the family would sell.  And they did. His family's businesses are gone.  (Again, I've confirmed this.)  ML said the family still lives in fear and that's why they tell people he died of a heart attack (which is why she kept holding her heart and thought it was his cause of death).  It probably causes the family pain to carry on the lie, I can imagine.

For as long as I can remember, Shamlan didn't like the murderer's family. He was vocal and public about it and was even arrested for it once (long before all this political spring stuff was even a whisper).   I don't know which of them specifically killed him, but he was right not to trust them.  His long-held political beliefs may have contributed to his death and/or the cover up regarding the way he died.

What did Shamlan have to say to me specifically?  ML said that the dream I had about him on February 13 wasn't really a dream; it was his message to me.  He had always felt restricted by family obligations and I was the one person who never judged him.  He felt the happiest with me.  He also told me to follow my heart, as it is a good heart, and I will always do the right thing.

My visit with her really did give me comfort.  She said he was a lovely soul and he was happy that he had lived his life as fully as he had (very true because he, even at a young age, had travelled the world, was an amazing artist, knew more about politics in his 20's than many of the people I know even IN the world of politics, and had an "old soul"/was very wise for his age).  She said he was at peace and only wants the people he loves to be at peace as well.  I'm much closer now.

Rest in peace, my love.  Someday we will meet again when none of this will matter.


NA said...

May you forever be at peace.

Anonymous said...

If we were in Saudi Arabia, they would arrest you and interrogate you for the name of this witch.

Watch out, I dont know the Kuwaiti law that well but it just might be the case here.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good experience, Is she still in Kuwait? I'd love to see her

Amber Banegas said...

I got Goosebumps reading that! God Bless you! XOXOX

Desert Girl said...

NA - thank you. :* You too.

Anonymous 9:51 - I have no intention of ever visiting that God-forsaken country. I do know Kuwait law and BFD.

Anonymous 10:35. No, unfortunately she's leaving this morning.

Amber - Thanks, Girl! I got goosebumps writing it. :)

Anonymous said...

I can verify she has left the country. I just took her to the airport on my broom.
the medium in plain sight

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Anonymous M, 11:37. I am so glad I had the honor of meeting her. Thank you for thinking of me.

Expat and the City said...

You might not be lucky in love at this very moment on earth but you will always have a Father that loves you and a soul mate waiting for you in Heaven. Our time on earth is short but life with them up above will be eternal. <3

Anonymous said...

Anonymus - I would really like to visit a medium as I lost one of my parents and never got to say goodbye.