Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chinese Massage for Men in Kuwait by Women: Caught on Film

First and foremost, let me reiterate ONCE AGAIN:  Massage by a member of the opposite sex in Kuwait is ILLEGAL and even without the "happy ending", it is still considered prostitution.

I'm reposting from Expat and The City's Blog today.  I dedicate this post to my "porn star" ex, Mr. Clean (who I can no longer look at without picturing him naked and sweaty in front of a webcam....)

Expat girl say:

It's bad enough they're bringing disease back to their wives and children but now their massage 'experience' is being secretly recorded and sold as porn online.  So watch out dumb dumbs...your 'happy ending' just received a million hits on YouTube.

Emirates 24/7 re-post: Kuwaiti police stormed a suspected apartment run by four Chinese women as a massage centre and found that it was equipped with hidden cameras filming male customers for sale online, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Police said they decided to raid the apartment after noticing that customers must fill forms containing 14 questions, the last of which made them even more suspicious.

“The last question says ‘do you want to have only a massage or something else’,” a police spokesman said, quoted by Al Anba Arabic language daily.

He said police raiding the place in Kuwait City found film processing equipment at a next door apartment, also run by the Chinese.

“We found that all the customers who have a massage at the first apartment are screened alive in the other flat, where the films are then processed and sold online,” the spokesman said without making clear if the ring was involved in vice."

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Your face on the internet with no clothes on and/or in sexually compromising positions:  the internet is forever.  Love you real longtime!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find this hysterical? Some of us might whisper to ourselves, “Serves them right!”, but let’s look at this with a business point of view. Brilliant! You have all these ‘expats’ and local men who are desperate for a ‘handshake’ that are held captive by a mundane job, boring existence with a desperation to ‘pump up the volume’ in this ‘conservative muslim’ (Right, who you foolin’?) country. You are all now ‘porn stars’! You can look at this way; it was your 15 minutes (more than likely less) of fame and all thanks to the entrepreneurial Chinese business community. I love it! We all knew what went on in these massage parlors (brothels), so why is it surprising to the police? Bottom-line, they expanded their business model to maximum their income. No Chinatown in Kuwait, which are flourishing, colorful business communities in most countries, they come here to pump oil and pump the public, that is the level of Chinese expat businessmen/women you attract in Kuwait. Hysterical!

Desert Girl said...

It's a matter of supply and demand. Just like everything else. :D

I don't believe it is limited to expat men, but they do tend to target them (if you are a western dude, just walk around the Sultan Center at Kout and see how many approach you!)

Dean Miah said...
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Desert Girl said...

Dean, pretty racist comment, dude.

Anonymous said...

These whores at the sultan center OMG , i was with my man and OUR 3 YEARS OLD DAUGHTER and this dirty looking Asian Filipino woman (she was with another girl too) with a dirty makeup and tight clothing and she looks so dirty like she didnt take a shower from the 2 days ago 'massage session' she approached him (while im right beside him) and she put her number in his hand!.. me and my man gave each other the 'what the eff' look and just left the store .. THE SULTAN CENTER SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

shifali said...

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