Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 Salon Picks

This is an update to a previous post (and update) on salon picks  LINK HERE.

Ashlee at Strands (25711237) is still my all-time favorite colorist.  She is also good for keratin treatments and extensions.

Followed second by a colorist, Rose, I've just tried at (messed up name) Al Modalalah Salon in Salmiya (25612545).  Two of my very elegant friends always have amazing hair.  I assumed that they were going to a high-end westerner salon, but it turned out they frequent Al Modalalah.  I just went there the other night and paid a mere 25kd for foil highlights.  I was really impressed by Rose and my hair looks great.

Candice (formerly of Beach House) has never done my hair but I still get a lot of requests for her phone number.  I have it if anyone wants to get in touch with her.

Boudoir is still my favorite place for pedicures.  They have a great signature pedi with a mint wrap and extremely comfortable massaging pedicure chairs.  Phone:  25335951/2.  Also see my story on Boudoir HERE. I haven't been there for a while.  I need to make time to pamper myself more.

Oriental Princess is kind of a Walmart of salons, but they provide great services for not a lot of money.  They have 2 locations (one in Salmiya on the corner of Baghdad and Amman streets; and one in Dasman in the City Suites hotel).  They have good mani-pedis, styling, massage, deep conditioning treatment, eyebrows and more on the cheap.

I have medium-long hair and I don't really care about the cut anymore.  Stella goes to Tony & Guy at Corniche for her short haircut and swears by them.  I had a deep conditioning treatment done there not-too-long-ago and spent 25kd.  Ouch.  My friend, Libra, cuts my hair every now and then and she does a great job.  She also does eye lash extensions. (Contact me for her info.)

Make-up:  I have not tried this lady, so I can't tell you, but someone recommended her to me.  Her name is Reham Al-Shatti and can be contacted at 97925553.  I'm going to try out her services sometime soon and I'll let you know.  What I do NOT want is to come out of there looking like I'm about to go to a Bedouin wedding - which is exactly why I've never tried Hanan Dashti's make-up salon after seeing some of her sample photos online.  I think they target a different audience than me.

Lazy girl?  No time to go to a salon (or just making that excuse?)  It's ok.  Call Pinkies.  They will come to your house (for ladies only) and do mani/pedi, hair, massage.  Their prices are extremely reasonable and the techs are all highly trained.  They even serve you tea or coffee  (they bring it and set it up for you!) and play relaxing music.  97189700.

If y'alls have any favorites, please post a comment.


Amber Banegas said...

I had an OMBRE job go WRONG… VERY WRONG! I have horizontal lines going ACROSS my head in many areas! (And this is AFTER attempting to fix it!) Do you know anyone in the Mangaf area that is good?

Desert Girl said...

Dear Amber, I don't know what an OMBRE job is. Get out of Mangaf! Get down to Ashlee at Strands who is outstanding at color and color fixes. Get rid of that tiger look. Eek.

Amber Banegas said...

I am going to make a post for you… So you can see it! NO BUENO… I will have to look to go up that way. I did see there is a Layla Harmony on 211 exit though

Anonymous said...

Any updates on the hair salon situation here for 2014? Is Ashlee at strands still your go-to for coloring and would you recommend her for a trim? I've got long, thick, wavy hair that needs some TLC after four months here but I haven't heard very many success stories so far. Looking forward to hearing your input.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous - Dec 2:

Unfortunately, Ashlee has left Strands (although if you send me your number I will send it to her and see if she is taking customers). My hair looks like crap right now, so I don't really have anyone I can send you to. Cuts are probably best at Tony & Guy.

Anonymous said...

How can I find a good colorist? Do you have any recommendations? Is Ashlee still an option and where can she be found?

Yellow House Online said...

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Juleska said...

Hi! I used to go to Candice at Beach House. I've just returned to Kuwait after a long hiatus and learned the salon was sold. Supposedly she's still here in Kuwait. I know your post here is a few years old but do you still have a way to reach her? Another girlfriend of mine used to go to her also and we're hoping to find her!

S. said...

I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a make-up place that does casual (non-Arab casual please) make up.

For a previous event, I went to Centro Balazza (or something like that) and I ended up looking like they painted my face with face paint - it was TOO MUCH!

I have a friend's pre-wedding ceremony coming up just before Ramadan and I'm looking for some good suggestion.
Can you please help?

P.S.: did you try Reham al Shatti? I wasn't able to find any details of that on your blog

muhajjarah said...

Hi ladies. I used to go to Tifani from the Beach House too. Then after new owners took over, she opened her own home sal in Mahboola. She is fantastic! She has been doing my hair since 2010. I won't let anyone else in Kuwait touch my hair. Even if she travels, I wait for her to return to do my hair. Hands down for cuts and coloring! Tifani haircare Kuwait @haircarekuwait 55942923

JAusten2.0 said...

As a Black female moving to a different area, the first thing you think about is "where can I get my hair done?". Luckily, I bumped into a few friendly people and they told me about Tifani. It's my fifth year living in Kuwait and I have only used her for cuts and relaxers. She does many other things like color and weaves. I've referred many people to her Black and White. I highly recommend her. She'll bring your hair back to life in these desert conditions. Here is her info.
+965 5594 2923


Anonymous said...

hey can you tell me which is the best place to get like colourful hair(like midnight blue) and like how much it costs