Sunday, November 17, 2013

I want girlfriend

Thursday night, I stopped by to see some friends as I hadn't been hangin' with them for a while.  There was a puppy there.  You know - the kind of guy who sits there mooning at you all night with big, round puppy eyes.  We had a little discussion about his wife and how she had suffered in childbirth and went to see a doctor in the States.  Nice enough conversation.  Ok, so blah blah blah... sittin with the friends.... and I left.  He didn't hit on me or anything.  I didn't even get his name.

Cut to Friday night and I start getting text messages from some unknown person who turns out to be puppy dude.  No sooner had he typed his name, he follows with, "I want girlfrynd."  Niiiiiice.  WTF.  I shoulda probably shot him down, but he was a friend of my friends and I just said, 'I don't date married men.' Puppy countered with, "Do you have friends?"  I found out which one of the A-holes gave him my number without my permission, and then I blocked him.

So, I blasted the "friend".  Dumbphuck.  Don't mess with someone who is prone to get you back at your own game.  I'm evil when it comes to this stuff.  I may just have to post his number in bathrooms around Kuwait or perhaps register him on sites....

Anybody want boyfriend? I got a number.

More thoughts on this....
Every now and then, I get this stupid question from people who make the wrong ASSumptions (probably about females from Western countries in general).  What would make anyone think that women would just droptrou and want to be with 1) anyone and b) anyone married?  Just because you are married AND you don't have a mistress at that very second in time does not make you desirable.  (And, to me, neither does having a lot of money.)

I like my friend, Butterfly's response to men (before she got married).
"You're not him."
"Him who?"
"My husband.  I'm a wife and you are not my husband."

Mistress/girlfriend/toy doesn't fit in the equation.

Oh... and one more thing:  MOTHERS!!!   It is up to YOU to teach your sons respect for women.  What kind of women are raising generations of misogynistic/womanizing/disrespectful men?  Let me just tell you that all the gender segregation of schools bullshit isn't helping this society either.  Creating divisions is just that:  dividing.  How can male and female understand each other (or even like/respect each other) when they are staring at each other from a distance?  Stuuuupid.


Anonymous said...

" i got the love in the music i got soul in the music.. getting deep in the mix" everytime i read your adventures it reminds me of random songs lol

curious. said...

Hello! I am read yours post here and really love it. When I was in US I had many friends from arabs countries and I love them just why they're so different and funny about how they are closed mind and the culture. So... I'm very curious about many things... if you can help me. Lol. How you American girl can live in an country with many rules and a big culture shock? It's ok there girls have boyfriend or have dates? Only in Saudi girls can't go out with non relatives boys?
I have many questions but I don't want disturb with that lol. So and about arabs and kik, instagram. . Twitter, bbm you're very right they are suck with all that bullshit I had same problem with some date :/. So not nice.

ThankS anyway. Best regards!

Desert Girl said...

Hi Curious. Drop me a line at and I'll try to answer all your questions.

Anonymous said...

I want girlfrynd. Be my girlfrynd desert girl?

LOOOOOL jk jk jk. Funny post. xD