Monday, October 28, 2013

My Idiot Friends & Pepper Spray

So I have 2 very nice younger surrogate Kuwaiti brothers.  They occasionally take my car, get it gassed up and washed for me (and it is an excuse to go cruising around in it).

I keep pepper spray in the door compartment for emergencies. It is in a pink canister.  It has a safety lock.

The idiots (and I say that in the nicest possible way) 
thought it was perfume and started spraying it in the car.

Yes,  you can imagine what happened next:  coughing, choking, and tearing eyes.

Don't just spray stuff in other people's cars....  Who DOES that??

... hey... did you know that there is also a pepper spray attachment for the iPhone?  ... and ... once again...


Chirp said...

Oh man thats hilarious, something similar happened ages ago, I think it was 2000 or 2001, I was still back in High School, this girl I know was dating an american army guy, and he had come over to one of our dinners and in his holster was the pepper spray, as he was saying hello to us, one of our crazy friend pulls it out of his holster and starts to spray it into the room and suddenly we are all chocking and coughing.
Now in retrospect what was that army guy who was at least 27 doing with a high school girl! And he used to go out with us quiet a lot!

Anonymous said...

pepper spray on the Iphone ...great thats all ppl at marina and avenues need...Pepper spray in your car?? girl what hood do you live in? loool

houdini said...

that's adorable I know a lot of guys who keep 2 or 3 perfumes in their car

Unknown said...

I wonder if those attachments are only sold with the new iphones. about your friends spraying pepper spray in the car, i think that taught them a lesson, to read labels before spraying.

Unknown said...

Where can I buy pepperspray in kuwait?