Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stank Eye

Also known as "hot eyes" around here....  Somebody gave it to me after all my yakkin about how happy I was to be driving DGY's sexyass truck.  I shoulda said, "Mashallah" more often (I'm very superstitious and there are stank eyes everywhere here).

I was supposed to meet DGY at his house, so that we could go together to pick up my car from the mechanics in Shuwaikh.

By-the-by:   I HATE Shuwaikh even more than I hate Hawalli.  If there are areas in Kuwait that I try to avoid:  it's those two (and, of course, Hassawi - not that I would ever have the need to go there again).  It is a combination of the Wild West and Cairo.  There are no lanes, no laws, no rules, and it is every man/woman/child for themselves.  I almost killed a child in Hawalli  when a 4-year-old ran in front of my car.  I was able to stop in time and then turned to its mother who just shrugged and walked away.  I thought I was going to go after her and kill her.  Woulda been better so she wouldn't spawn any more offspring.  Anyhoo....

Ok, back to my story.  So, I was in my area and wanted to be nice and fill the truck up with gas after I had been using it (all over Kuwait and back). Let me translate a little:  I didn't want DGY to know exactly how much time I had spent in his truck, driving around feeling cool, so gas usage was an issue.

I filled up and then went to start it again and the engine wouldn't turn over W.T.F.!! OMG.  The lights all worked, all the electronics were fine.  But it just wouldn't turn over.  I was AT the gas pump - and  you know how "patient" people are at the gas stations in Kuwait.  Anyhoo, people were honking, trying to get around me, giving me dirty looks.  Four gas station attendants schooled me on how to put the car in gear and turn the key - repeatedly.  That's just reeedonkulous, so shut uuuuuup.

Those guys ended up pushing it out of the way.  I called DGY.  It's so embarrassing when you are driving someone else's car and it breaks down.  He just laughed and said he would call a tow truck ("wench" over here.  As in, "I'll get my wench to tow it.")

45 minutes later, he arrived (traffic in Kuwait is a BITCH these days!).  Get this.  I swear to God, I still can't believe it....  He leaned in, turned the key, and the engine started. He didn't even have his full body inside the cab, just one cheek and a leg.   He laughed.  He was so nice about it.  I felt like a moron.  He told me that he just bought a new battery.

I think its the transmission.  It didn't feel right and it wasn't switching into higher gear on the highway.  That's just my hypothesis.

Oh, so my car is fine.  I had to have the rocker arms adjusted and got new engine mounts.  (I did NOT drive fast over speed bumps in my Camaro!)  It could have been from all the driving I've done in the desert.  I have come to the conclusion that it really isn't an off-road vehicle.  Imagine that.

Seriously.... I want the truck back.  Maybe he'll let me pull the boat.  Wanasa, y'alls!


Anonymous said...

"Wanasa, y'alls" hahahaha sounds like a kuwaiti studying in alabama or texas.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 9:20 - I know, riiiiiiight? LOL.