Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Pants Off Dance Off

(I keep changing the title because better ones keep popping into my mind...)

So, after all my BMCing about Clean and his questionable internet practices, he finally got

I went to see the fam for lunch on Friday.  Right before I left my house, I checked my e-mail and Facebook and there was a comment waiting from one of his sexy little internet bitches.  Secretly not wanting to see him at lunch and now armed with ammunition, I took a screen shot and sent it to him.  Mission accomplished:  He didn't show for lunch.  Bada bing.  And that's where I thought it would end.

At the end of lunch, one of his brothers was sitting next to me when Clean called him (I have GOT to change his name to "Dirty").  He asked who was there.  Bro replied that I was, and then he got up and left the room.  When he came back in, he explained what the situation was.

"The girl on the internet isn't a girl.  Clean has a problem.  It is a man and he's blackmailing him."
'Blackmailing?  Why?'
"Because Clean was having internet sex with a webcam and the girl turned out to be a guy and videotaped everything.  Now he's demanding money."

My immediate reaction was nausea.

"Can you help him delete his Facebook account?"
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  He wants MY help?  No phuckin way!

Sidenote:  Now, as La Senza says, "I used to read your posts and think you had a creative imagination and you were making most of the stuff up.  Now I know you and I know that you're not lying."  No, I'm not.  I'm not making this stuff up.  This is what happens.  This is my weirdass life and I've got to live it (and then, of course, dish about it herein.)

I'm still nauseous just thinking about this, but apparently there are quite a few "men" who have gotten caught in this frenzy of internet activity.  DUMBASSES!  When you put your junk  out there (literally) on the internet, you are taking a HUGE risk - not only to you, but to your future generations and to your family. That stuff stays out there.  In Clean's case, he is from a very large, very well-known Bedouin family.

I (again) didn't react well.  I got on Facebook and wrote to "her" saying that I would buy the video and to name a price.  This, posted to Clean's Facebook wall.

Then, I wrote an SMS to Clean saying that the culprit is probably one of my friends, as everybody knows how evil he has been to me and I'm sure they all are doing mean things to him that even I am not aware of.  (This is also known as psychological warfare.)  I mean, God only knows what my police friends are doing...  Then I intimated that his family might find out and followed with a kicker, 'Habibi, do you need money to pay off the man you had sex with on the internet?'  THEN he called me.  Wow.  So his dialing finger isn't broken after all.  So he still knows how to call me.  Bien sur, I didn't answer.  He finally sent me a message saying that, "I'm a man.  So what if someone sees my face and my d**k?"  (Obviously, he's now a celebrity porn star and proud of it.)  Wow.  Enjoy the show.

(Now, Clean, imagine these are GUYS!)

(Ick, I feel bile rising up again.)

It's karma, bitch.

So, all those times I asked him to please stop making "friendships" with/adding strange women on Facebook/the internet; please stop adding girls; please stop; please my family sees all that; please ......  it all comes back to him.  I suspected, but I have never had solid evidence until now (because, of course, the truth always comes out eventually).

He wanted me to wear hijab and to pray.  He asked me to be more religious.  He posts constantly about religion on his twitter account.  Hypocrite!

I'm going to stop thinking about this after this post because I've already vowed to myself that I never want to discuss him again in any way/shape/form, but...

This bothers me deeply because
1)  He disguised who he was so well and I allowed (yes I did) myself to believe he was a good person
2)  If his family ever finds out, they will have the same reaction that I did because his parents are good, decent, devout people
3)  God only knows what else he has been doing.

Khalas!  End of Dirty subject.

Attention potential  internet wanker 
Not all that is cute and feminine is what it appears to be.
It was a GUY.
After much discussion with my male friends in Kuwait, this is not an uncommon occurrence.  It seems to happen.  Why are some men so willing to put their penises where they don't belong?  I seriously don't get it.


Anonymous said...

What on earth did you ever see in him? OK, he has a nice family, but he’s a blooming idiot, although you raved on that he was so nice to you. I’m sure that hardened criminals are nice sometimes? And further I doubt very much that how he is has anything to do with his trip to Phuket.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 12:31 -

I don't think I'm so much different from a lot of people.

We had neighbors in the States: Million dollar home. Young children. Seemingly happy marriage. Dude was busted because he installed webcams to watch the nanny in the bathroom. Divorce, home sold, taken to prison. Made headlines in the Washington Post.

How do you know? Who can tell what secrets people keep? I'm just thankful that I found out in the beginning.

What I saw in Clean: He immediately introduced me to his family. This is very important to me (and very rare in Kuwait). It showed that he wanted a serious relationship immediately. He was friendly and happy and kind. He cared about others. He was seemingly religious.

How can you tell?

Anonymous said...

Girl u trippin!! just yesterday on MTV Lebanese channel they showed the SAME story! in a show called 'Beirut Today'! what are the odds huh .. u r such a lair ..just get over the guy u loser and move on! dam it

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 2:27 -

I wish I had seen that story.

From what I hear, this form of blackmail is prevalent around here.

The blackmailers get onto their sites - particularly Facebook -where they have access to family members of the "victims".

In this case, "Sara Sarsoura" wrote to me, as it was obvious that we had a relationship - there were posts of us together, etc.

Rob said...

Not quite my Thai lady-boy theory, but not too far off!

Expat and the City said...

This was in the news not too long ago:

Man tells of brush with cyber sex fraudsters in Dubai

Hebah Dwidari said...

this post reads like a kuwaiti soap opera, a guy getting tricked by another guy online into thinking that he himself is a girl. in fact this whole blog could be taken and made into a series---you lead a very interesting, read worthy life.

Desert Girl said...

Expat - I sent him the link. I think his was via Skype too.

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to be dumped and forgotten, you should stop seeing his family too. This is a total creep situation and by posting all this information about him you have shown you really dont even care for him anymore. Double YUCK!

Desert Girl said...

Hi Gail.

Always nice to hear from you. I don't agree on dumping the family. They have become very dear to me and I'm spending a lot of time in their company. As his step-mother says (and I agree with): "Maybe God brought you to him, not to stay with him, but to be with us."

I am with them every weekend. We call each other during the week. They genuinely care, as do I. I consider them a blessing.

I was there with them this weekend when Dirty was there and he could have been a spec of dust on the carpet for all I cared. I have no feeling for that person. The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.