Sunday, October 06, 2013

Is she happy?

So Mr. Clean can't work up the nerve (respect, dignity, honor)  to come ask me how I am or to talk to me (or even call me or SMS me to ask), but this weekend, he asked his brother, "Is she happy?" The response was, "Yes she's happy.... She's with your family every weekend."  (I LOVE that!)

Why is he even bothering to ask?

At Friday lunch, his dad sat on one side of me, his step mom on the other.  They told me Clean's latest excuse.... that he disappeared because he was angry with me because I wouldn't get him (like you can go to a store or something) a visa to visit my family in the States.  Whaaaaaat???  Dadman said, "I know.  That's just another excuse.  You don't love someone based on their ability to get you a visa."  I love his dad and his practical outlook on everything.

Then they both told me that Clean had planned to marry me and discussed it at length with them (and other family members).  Everybody was happy about it.  And they still don't understand what happened. (They always give me bits and pieces at lunch - never the full story.) They also told me that way before he ever said anything mean and cruel to ME about kids, he told his dad that none of that matters to him; that he loved me so much that he didn't care. (I wish he would have told me that before I felt like crap and spent so much time in tears.)  Where did that man go?

His step-mom tells me to be patient.  She still believes he's testing me before marriage (guess it's an Arab thing?)  I told her that I had tested him too; it is a 2-sided story; and that he has failed miserably. Who disappears like that?  Who starts talking divorce before ever formally asking? How could I ever trust someone like that?   I told his step-mom that I'm American and if he had said HALF of the stuff he said to me to a Kuwaiti girl, she would have hit him upside the head with her shoe.  (I can see it.  Picture this:  Cute little Kuwaiti woman, and him sitting there with his smug grin...  "I will marry a second wife and there's nothing..." (and then, before he even has the rest of the words out).... WAABAP!  She smacks him upside the head with her sandal, while screaming some insults and dialing her family with her free hand.)   Step-mom thought about it for a minute (guess she was conjuring the visual too) and completely agreed. (Why you think you can say that to me?  Huh?  Huh?  Why you gotta go there? You think I'm an American blue light special? What am I - discount girl?)

I love being able to talk to his family like this.  However reeeeeeedonkulous it all is.

Anyhoooser....   I had a great weekend!  Mashallah, Mashallah, Mashallah.

I've been on an emotional high ever since Friday night when an inebriated best friend blurted out a secret regarding me and a mutual friend.  (Sigh, big smirky grin....)

On another note, I keep falling asleep where ever I go.  Thursday night, I was with DGY at the Secret Hawalli Hide Out and as usual, I fell asleep on the sofa while the guys talked like a bunch of little girls for hours.  Then, Friday night at the Secret Kabd Hide Out, there was too much loya/chaos going on inside, so I went outside to get some air and ended up falling asleep on the sedu pillows under the stars in beautiful weather.  Perfect timing 'cause a few hours later when I woke up, the machboos was ready and the sun was coming up.

The two trashy girls wearing really cheap clothes served it up for me.  It was only the second time I had met them.  They came with their boyfriends (one of them was a cousin of our regulars').   I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover (I lie - most of the time, you can):  They turned out to be (trashy-clothes-wearing) very intelligent women with super-cool jobs.  I really like them.  I guess some of these girls just want to OTT cut loose on the weekends.  Seriously though, I don't need to see their panties through their clothes (we're talking toile-covered-tushy).  Why?  Can't you cut loose and cover yourself?    I don't need to be seeing anybody elses' junk.  Really.  Just sayin.  I gots my own junk.  I don't even want to see that.

Yesterday, I had coffee with La Senza - which is always refreshing; catching up and gossiping and all that.   Then, I went back to The Kingdom for dinner with another friend and got to play with his bunnies (no.... that is NOT code).  Real bunnies.

Is she happy?  Did I mention that there were boys and food and bunnies?  What do you think?


houdini said...

you deserve so much better DG

Gela said...

I agree with Houdini. You deserve better! When I read your stories about this dude, I sometimes think we dated the same guy!

Jay Jay said...

Don't be stuck on someone that doesn't bother with you .. you do deserve better .
almost seems like this guy wants a free ride or he's extremly selfish and self centered either way no one needs that in the words of sweet brown "ain't nobody got time for that"

Kat said...

I totally got you girl, sometimes I wonder if they are all just "copy- paste"- but at the end of the day there is a stupid thing called heart....Thanks for writing this blog I really enjoy reading it.