Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Roundup: Eid Al-Adha

I didn't really have any big news to post about my 9-day-long Eid holiday.  I stayed in Kuwait.  I couldn't imagine how awful the airport would have been and,  having checked the prices for ticket,  it was like forgetaboutit.

It was worth staying in Kuwait anyways; kinda quiet, but overall really nice.

I spent a lot of time with Desert Guy.  He has been keeping me busy lately.  We had a heart-to-heart talk, with the help of one of his friends who played moderator once I told him that DGy hasn't ever really been forthcoming with his feelings for me. DGy is one of those guy-guys who doesn't like the touchy-feely stuff, so if I bring it up (sans moderator), he usually brushes it off or changes the subject.  I guess we got him at a good time because he spoke up like he never has before.  I was kinda shocked, but it was so nice that I just let him continue.


I think he must have really missed me. Sometimes time apart makes you see a situation in a completely different light;  This time around, we are on a whole new and different level.  Maybe because after all the stuff with Clean, I am not ready to trust anyone again right now, so I'm seeing Desert Guy as more of a friend that I love than a guy who I'm IN love with.  I tell him I love him - and now - he actually tells me back (in both text messages and in person - both surprising the bejeezus out of me).  He's not a vocal guy.

I think some of my sister's "Train-Your-Man Boot Camp" techniques are working.  (I cannot disclose the secrets, unfortunately.)


He introduced me to some of his friends and cousins who I have heard a lot about, but I had never met before.  I've known DGy for almost 8 years, but I guess when a guy isn't that "into" you, he's not going to take the time to introduce you to the important people in his world.  Which is why I trusted Clean so easily because he made important introductions immediately.  Anyways, DGy's cousins are a totally different class of people than the people who had visited the camp last winter; much higher class.  I like them.  They are the types of Kuwaitis that I have known in my Previous Existence - much before I came to Kuwait.  The laid-back, totally un-superficial types.  I love that.  I have felt so comfortable that I've even cooked for them - a few times.  I NEVER do that (cook for a guy's friends).   Not EVER.  Totally unlike me.

I was in such a domestic mood this Eid that I even brought a big jidder of machboos lamb to Clean's family the day before Eid.  I knew they were all fasting, so step-mom was really happy when I brought it at sunset.  They were so appreciative and made such a big deal about it and it was really sweet.  His dad immediately told Clean how good it was and how I knew how to cook Kuwaiti and blah blah.  Ha!  Rub it in, Dad!  I love that.  Clean came back with, "SHE knows how to cook machboos?!"  His step-mother said, "She even bought Kuwaiti lamb with no fat...."  ha ha.  I saw his family several times over Eid.  His father told me that he's changing my last name to his.

Clean has been sniffing around.  He's asking his brothers about me, " Did she talk about me?"  "No."  I don't talk about Clean because 1) The whole family should be totally sick of listening to me whine about him by now and I don't want to prolong their suffering and 2) to be really honest, I'm out of the emotional danger zone that I was in even a month ago with him.  (It should have come a lot sooner.)  I changed my locks and moved on.

Desert Guy - Mashallah

I was talking to one of his cousins and one of the first things he asked me after meeting me was, "Do you read a blog called Desert Girl?"  Oh snap!  Sometimes people are too smart for my own good.  Sometimes people bring things up and it is almost like God is channeling something through them.  Cuz is far enough removed from both of us that he can't possibly know....

And speaking of cousins, there is the subject of Teddy.  After the, "Not Without My Camaro," issue (read the post under the same title), I don't know how I can ever be near him again.  Desert Guy understands:  He's not an insensitive person; he understands how bad (and how afraid and betrayed) I felt.  I later heard through a friend-of-a-friend that the situation may have been created intentionally.  I don't want to think about that.    I don't know how I will react when I see Teddy (he is still DGy's cousin and one of his closest friends).  I don't think violence is the answer (I might break a nail or worse - a knuckle).  I'll keep my pink vial of pepper spray in its home in my car.  I think I will hide behind DGy and hope for the best.  I really don't want to see Teddy.  The past is the past and that's where it belongs.  He doesn't belong to my present - or future.

I'm going to stop thinking about hurtful things right now because I want to write about something closely related to the Teddy subject and I'm not allowing any of it back into my world.

Anyhoooser, Mashallah.


Anonymous said...

I was talking to one of his cousins and one of the first things he asked me after meeting me was, "Do you read a blog called Desert Girl?"

What did you answer? And if really they reading this post, they would have identified you :-)


Parul Shirazi said...

Hey, I really enjoy reading your blog and started following it back when my husband moved to kuwait in 2011! He was born and brought up there, I'm a chef and food blogger in India ( and even though we applied for family visa in April, we still DON'T have it and it's breaking our 8 year old daughter's heart! I didn't move with him coz I have my test kitchen here but I'm so so ready now! Every time I read your posts I picture myself there, not so much for 'kuwait' but to be a family again! Sigh!

Desert Girl said...

J.D. - I know that, silly! I kindof secretly hope he's onto me.

Parul - I hope you get your visa soon. What is the hold up?

Parul Shirazi said...

It's always something new! Hold up wise, I just think its general lack of apathy! Pitching for next week..lets see lets see!

Parul Shirazi said...

*general apathy, I mean!