Saturday, January 22, 2011

Visit to K's PATH

Yesterday, I went to the K'sPATH (AFL) shelter for the first time since its re-opening.  I wanted to go to the grand re-opening ceremony, but I couldn't make it.

I am SO HAPPY to see it the way it is now - and not covered with soot and devastation the way it was the last time I saw it.  What a relief to see not only the place, but the people look so much better.  Ayesha looked so happy and had her daughter with her (who is gorgeous and is going to grow up and break hearts); Bindy Part Deux!  I'm glad Ayesha is back to herself too; rather than right after the fire when I saw her and looked like a soldier who had seen too many terrible things to speak.  What a tremendous success story it is now!  I think the shelter is much better than before and Ayesha, John, and all the many many volunteers and supporters who have helped it in such a short about of time have to be congratulated.  Their hard work has really paid off.

Anyhoo, I was there for the grooming day, but had a more "selfish" (if you can call it that) motive:  I was there to surrender a dog that The Man had been keeping at his diwaniya/camp.  More than a month ago, he was walking to his house and heard a dog making a terrible noise.  Someone had tied it up behind an electric sub-station with a wire and no food or water.  It had probably been left there to die.

He said that before he "knew" dogs, he might have helped it, but then just let it go; but now, he can't turn his back.  He's been helping dogs for more than a year now and I'm so proud of that.  I think if you can touch one person; just let one animal touch their hearts in a meaningful way, then that person looks at life in a different way.

The Man  fell in love with this (unnamed) white beagle-mixed, large, lanky puppy.  They took strolls together and he taught him how to play catch.  Unfortunately, his diwaniya buddies haven't been converted yet and The Man was afraid for NoName.  So, K'sPATH graciously agreed to take NoName in; even though they currently have around 70 dogs.

So peeps, if you are looking for a puppy, got check out the ones that K'sPATH has.  They've got some great puppies and dogs (cats, a few rabbits, ducklings) right now who need forever homes.  They also have a new shop with all kinds of things for pets; including organic shampoo.  Desert Dawg has allergies and I appreciate it when I can find something that won't give her a rash.

Disclaimer:  And when I say "forever" - I mean for either the rest of your life or the rest of the animal's life; whichever comes first.  I am NOT of the belief that  anyone should take on an animal and then 2 years later when their contract is up, dump them off on someone. You wouldn't do that to an adoptive child; you shouldn't do it to an adoptive pet.  (When I receive pleading e-mails from well-intentioned friends saying "Flana needs to find her cat a home because she's leaving the country", I just want to find Flana and beat the living crap out of her.  But hey - that's just me.)  There is always a way to keep the family together when you have to move.

Ayesha, thank you for agreeing to take in NoName and thank you for also taking in the puppies from the other place we talked about.  I left yesterday feeling the positive energy and all the good news was just wonderful.

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