Saturday, January 29, 2011

50/20 Celebrations Website and Schedule

It just really pisses me off that EVERY YEAR, there is no notification of events in Kuwait (like Hala February) in English.  Everybody bitches about the number of expats outnumbering Kuwaitis (yada) and got a news flash:  most of us only read English.  This is a harsh reality in that we are here in another country and not learning the language; ok for me - much easier to understand spoken Arabic, but learning to read Arabic was not my strong point.  Regardless, (yada yada), I would like to go to some of the events and to do that - ya actually have to KNOW about them in advance.

So, having said that, let me just say, MASHALLAH!  The site listed below has a .pdf format schedule of events, listed chronologically in English.  Thank you, whoever made that possible!  I will post it as a link on my sidebar also as events are going to run through the year.

The below is a re-print from Ladies Who Do Lunch in Kuwait Blog. Thanks, girl, for posting this and bringing it to people's attention.
LWDLIK says:
Seems there was a parade yesterday on Salem Mubarak Street in Salmiya. Sadly there is not always advance info, in English, on these events to share with you. 
Found this today which is the first time I've seen an English website of the National Day/February activities. It's an interesting site there is a schedule in PDF however no timings :O( so one should assume fireworks will be in the evening and day events will not start before 10AM.


Randy said...

LOL my wife is q80 and she didn't even know about it hahaha ... You are not alone!

Desert Girl said...

Is EVERYTHING including TOURISM a big phuckin national secret in this country??? I don't get it.

Randy said...

I think its just not that important to them .. spreading the word that is. They probably broadcast it on a few Arabic radio / tv stations and ... voila ... there job is done. sometimes this place can be sooo LAME!!