Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MPs reveal more cases of shocking police torture

The below appeared on the Kuwait Times online page today.  This is publicly accessable.  I'm not writing anything that hasn't already been plastered all over the internet.

Published Date: January 19, 2011
By B Izzak and A Saleh, Staff Writers
Kuwait Times

KUWAIT:  "...    MPs meanwhile highlighted new torture cases in police stations, with one involving a 17-year-old Saudi boy who was brutally tortured and raped for no crime he committed and another elderly Kuwaiti man who was tortured for five days at Salwa police station.

The new revelations made Mislem to wonder "if the police is doing this to Kuwaiti citizens, what would be the case with expatriates", adding that he believes they are subjected to worse torture and mistreatment. He considered the prime minister rejection of the resignation of the interior minister, submitted last Thursday, as "a provocation, and accordingly the grilling has become more necessary than any time before and its filing can take place any moment starting from this minute". Mislem also charged that the torture cases are not individual case but a "methodology by the interior ministry" and expected that more torture cases will be revealed soon.

... Sayyah Al-Rasheedi, who was arrested with him, was also tortured and they removed his nipples with a nail-cutter."

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Crimes commited by Kuwaiti police men who considered themselves above the law.

Desert Girl says:
Find the torturers.  Hang them. Fry them.  Strip them of their nationality so that no one can benefit from them long after they're worm food. 

Maybe the torture victims were guilty of criminal acts (but who knows now), but they were not deserving of torture.   NO ONE is!

My heart goes out to the families of the victims.  Imagine being a mother and reading about how this happened to your child? In their own country.  You could be driving around, looking at police officers, and wondering if they were somehow involved in torturing your kid.  What a nightmare.

- - - 20 January 2010
Alwatan Daily

KUWAIT: Six suspects in the case of torturing and killing Mohammed Al-Mutairi, who have been identified as Salem Al-Rashed, Abdullah Al-Awadhi, Abdullah Al-Azmi, Ayed Al-Otaibi, Faisal Al-Asfour, and Ahmed Al-Rashidi

(Too bad they didn't use their full names, but this is pretty good for a start.)
Fry em, hang em!


Anonymous said...

having gone to the police with a case which ended up as a state security matter
having police in the extended family
i can say this
in every police station inmates run the risk of a slap or two
women, sometimes worse
however the 'jail of the big slaps' ie the home of state security is where the 'big slaps' occur
maybe some policemen got demoted and moved down to local police stations and took their 'techniques' mistakenly with them
TOO BAD THEY DON'T BEAT THEIR CHILDREN THIS WAY - youth behavior would much improve

Desert Girl said...

Yeah, I'm seriously all about spanking kids. You've gotta have discipline. I've seen a whole lot here that should be smacked and HARD.

Stan said...

Hmm expatriates better not get on the wrong side of the law and end up in jail.

Now there is a good reason for crime rates to fall in the country although pretty sick thing to do by cops.

Ok i do hope and wish there is a law in Kuwait where cops cant interrogate you or torture you until proven guilty right or doesn't that rule apply here in kuwait ?