Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something to remind me of home

I did something crazy on impulse: I bought a fireplace. That’s right. You read correctly: I bought a fireplace. For Kuwait. It’s going to be holy-shit-that’s-hot soon, and yet, it just reminded me immediately of the family and I got it. Bada BING.

(Sniffle.  I miss you mommy and Caitie and Alex and Wayne and dogs.....)

Otay, so it isn’t an authentic wood-burning fireplace. Actually, let me back up from that even further and say, it doesn’t burn anything. It is more like wall art, but DAYAM, it is good wall art.

I was out on a mission this weekend with a friend and we came across them at Ace Hardware. Who woulda thought? Ace. Fireplaces. They had some that were over the top crazy expensive. This one was around 100KD (which I know , is stupid because I know that money could be put to better use). But I love it. So, in August, when we are all dying from heat, I will be sitting in front of my fake fireplace, with the AC down to sub-zero,  thinking of the "snow" outside (which is really toxic dust).

I know I’m just going to sit there and stare at it. Maybe pretend to roast marshmallows. Maybe get a bearskin rug and get neked in front of it…. The possibilities are endless.

Perhapsee it is because I still have a slight fever? Je ne sais pas.

Dudes came and delivered it and installed it for free. I am very happy with the Ace service. They showed up on time, were courteous, well dressed, and spoke English.

Ya know, if I was Kuwaiti and could buy a home here, I would build one with a fireplace. I don’t care if it only gets cold for 2.5 nanoseconds. There is just something homey about a fireplace.

I’ve got one of those fire pits on my terrace. That is good, but I’m afraid I’m going to burn the place down; especially since I have found fake logs that could torch a good part of Rumaithiya. 


Anonymous said...

OMFG r u f-ing nuts?

me thinks the sickness you had last week or so affected your brain

or were you having a 'blond moment'?

maybe now a 19kd ikea sheepskin rug and an invitation to 'the man' ---- hhhhhmmmm gotcha now - cool move

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm curious- does it actually heat up like a heater, or is it like one of those Public Access channel "Yule Logs" where they turn the TV camera on a fireplace for 48 hours?

I was down at Ace around New Year and saw these, was trying to explain the Public Access channel "Yule Log" to my Kuwaiti friend.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 8:10. Honey, I ALWAYS have blonde moments. I'm blonde. It's what we do. And, The Man doesn't need that much motivation ;) (tee hee), although he thinks its cool and does appreciate a good fire.

Anonymous 10:44. It is a decorative item and also an electric space heater. I wouldn't use the heater option.

It's not like a "Yule Logs" channel (although I LOVE that concept!). It has fake coals in the foreground and some kind of screen behind that produces what appears to be a series of synchronized "flames". It doesn't look too fake, however, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.

You can check them out at ACE. They have several different designs to choose from.

J said...

Wow now that I see it installed it looks even better! Am LOVING it! I think it is awesome, although the man finding it 'cool' does somewhat confuse me LOL

Desert Girl said...

J - Cool is hot and hot is cool. :) LOL

It is very quiet around here without you. Come back!

Anonymous said...

DG, please advice if they have the ones with liquid gel fire thingy... have an anniversary coming in 3 days!

Anonymous said...

I saw those the other day at ACE ... thought about it for a few seconds then thought my wife will kill me if she came home and found it in our living room LOL

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 7:01 - I don't know what those are.

Randy - why you no ask her? :)

Khaled said...

Hey! That looks AWESOME! we have one and I LOVE IT, turn it on every time I shoot pool! lol

I think this buy is a def WIN!

Anonymous said...

It looks real nice, I realy like it, and I like your taste of furniture in the living room.:)

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Khaled and Anonymous 9:54. I'm really glad I bought it after all.

I'm indecisive, so I have 3 sets of slipcovers for my sofa and can change the appearance of the room with a quick change of slipcovers and carpets. The fireplace will work with all of them. :)

Anonymous said...

Not to rain on ur parade but they were half that price earlier this year and they sold out quick so when i went back to get one as a present they had doubled the price... shame on Ace!

OTGGames said...

I know I am posting this comment nearly 5 and a half years after your original post but I am curious if this fireplace is a bioethanol fireplace and if so where you are buying the bioethanol fuel for it? I have wanted to order a bioethanol fireplace for a while now but I have not located any place where I can purchase the fuel and they will not ship any from the states. I would love some help!

Desert Girl said...

OTGGames - It is electric and there is an option for a heater (I never have to use it!) I think they still sell them at Ace Hardware and Sears in Kuwait. If they don't have them in stock, it is possible that they could order it for you. Good luck!