Saturday, January 29, 2011

Time to think about getting seriously stoned at home

... ha!  Had ya going there, didn't I?  Alas, I don't do the ganja.  I experimented (never inhaled, bien sur) and it made me eat a 2lb bag of M&Ms and then fall asleep, sexually frustrated.  Not good.

I need to relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax. It is either that or bitch-slapping someone in the face (which is a very likely scenario at the moment - I'm feelin it).

I love hot stone massages and I have been pondering the purchase of a really cool massage table I saw at American Line beauty supplies in Salmiya.  Now that I have discovered Pinkies, I think I will go for it.  Lord knows that I have enough room in my apartment.  It might be cool to do spa days at home with the girls. The table could also sub for a grooming table for Desert Dawg (although she does love her doggie massages as well - just not with the hot stones).

I would love to take a professional massage course.  I wonder if I could do it in a month the next time I go home. Anybody know about courses in Virginia?  (I also want to take one of those driving courses where you drive 100 mph in reverse in a Hummer or equivalent and then spin out into a parallel parking space.  Yeah baybee.)

Pinkies Girl told me about places I can purchase hot stone massage kits; they're available online, but holy snap - the shipping prices of shipping rocks (literally) would be astronomical.  F that.  PG told me that perhapsee Al-Nezi (sp?) in Shuwaikh or Jothen may have them.  Anybody know fer sure?   Help a stoner out. tee hee.

Kuwait's getting stoned too!  Check it out:

Hail Stones Today in Rawdatain Near Jahra, Kuwait


Anonymous said...

what about them 'stick ' um in the microwave neck warmers' that help you relax
on but not many ship overseas

i'm such a minimalist i could never imagine buying a table just for a message - after you've already bought a fireplace for an aprtment in q8...

you have to have hand strength and endurance for a 30 minute messege

Desert Girl said...

Only 30 minutes of hand strength? My, how people underestimate me!

I'm definitely not a minimalist. I LIVE.

My mom has one of those neck warmers. She loves it. Maybe I'll order her another one.

Anonymous said...

Hi DG,
I don't know if they have them or not, but here is the website for Nazih beauty supply. I have ordered things from them before and their service has been very good. They also deliver. Anyways I am a silent follower (ok that sounds so weird lol) but I just wanted to help out. good luck.


anony f

Anonymous said...

All the people you know in Kuwait, and not one with APO privileges that you can have the rocks sent to at normal shipping rates?

Desert Girl said...

Oh thanks, Anonymous F. That's great. I'll check them out.

Anonymous 11:39 - Ya know, I do know people with APO's and I might just do that.

Ralph said...

Pass that dutch :)

Anonymous said...

in Virginia beach @ the end of laskin road is the heritage store, is is part of the ARE (assn or research and enlightenment) edgar cayce foundation, they have reki, spa courses and certifications for atma massage etc...all the hippie(Happy Individual People Pursuing Individual Enlightenment) herbal medicine, crystals, jewelry and all the cosmic literature you can dream about .

Lindsay said...

Just curious where American line is located and about how much the tables cost. I'm new to Kuwait (virginia native too) and do some massage work on the side.... Contemplated getting a table here after some coworkers ears perked up when I said I did massage therapy

Desert Girl said...

Hi Lindsay. I think it is a great idea. American Line (selling Chinese products) is located in a basement apartment in Salmiya. It is in the area of Salmiya opposite from Geant. I think you take the first right (towards Ras Salmiya) after the circle, then the 2nd left and it is on the right. But.. I have a bad memory. Somewhere in that area. Just did a Google search and came up with this number 25751333.

Just don't advertise your services if you are doing massages for male friends. It is considered prostitution here (even hair cutting a member of the opposite sex is considered prostitution). Any touching for money. Sad, but true.

Good luck!