Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shout out for Indigo Shadows and Pinkies

A shout out for two friends who have cool businesses.  One is new, the other has been around for a few years, but obviously I have been living under the Big Rock.

Indigo Shadows, "The fine art of eventology..." is an event planning company started recently by my friend.  She specializes in high-end, quality children's parties.  http://www.indigoshadows-events.com/, or lorie@indigoshadows-events.com.  Name a theme and they'll take care of the rest.  They are working on a project for me at the moment and are extreeeeemely detailed.

Pinkies, Nail Design and Spa has been around for several years.  They specialize in at-home services like mani/pedi, massage, etc.  http://www.pinkiesspa.com/.  I told her that the last time Slapperella and I used an at-home service, the biotches who did our nails gossiped.  They came to my house first and then went to Slaps' and thought it would be appropriate to trash me.  Stupid.  Pinkies don't go there:  their staff is asked to keep the small talk to a minimum and discretion is a must.

So, thar ya go.  These are not paid endorsements - they are friends with businesses that I hope will flourish.  Rock on wi' yo' bad selves!


better books said...

i have a deep admiration for entreprenuers in kuwait especially women IF AND ONLY IF they remain legal
I spent literally a year chasing around getting a business license and an office
in order to be truly professional and legitimate, they need a license at least
otherwise if they get screwed by a customer or if a customer claims, the police and courts will say it's not a legal business
a website and a mobile does not a legitimate business make

Anonymous said...

Great info, thanks. I was really excited about Pinkies since I just had a baby and haven't had time to get out to the salon. But, unfortunately, I called and learned Pinkies only serves the Mangaf/Kuwait City areas. I'm in the Farwaniya governorate. Know of any other places that might come to my area?

Kristin Allen said...

Hi there! Thanks for your awesome blog! I just read your post on henna because we are moving to Kuwait and I dye my hair with henna and indigo. So now I know that I can get my hair done in Kuwait with henna - does that include indigo? Just wondering as when I do henna my hair turns bright orange- not a good look on me. The indigo helps cool it down and allows me to continue going out in public.

Thanks again!
I'm at kristin-allen.com or kristinnella@gmail.com - but I will check the comment follow up box below in case you respond to me here. Thanks!