Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little anecdotal stories thar for ya

A couple of funny thoughts to follow a very serious post below.

A while back, The Man started what appeared to be a serious conversation with me.  He had that serious furrowed brow look on his face, but wait..... It was about the nickname for the name "Richard".
Him:  "Why do they call a penis the same name as a name; Dick?  Isn't that wrong?"
Me:  I think that the nickname came along way before the slang name.
Him: (Still with the serious/perplexed look on his face) "Yeah, okay, but they are still using Dick as a nickname, like 'Dick Cheney."
Me:  Yeah, true, true.
Him:  "What would happen if we started calling people by the Arabic name for penis?  I can't imagine that.  It's so.... ayeb.  Like, if I was to shout out to one of my friends in the diwaniya, 'Yaaaa air!"
(He could still call some of his friends that.  I've met them.  They are.  Sorry, The Man, but you know it's true.)
Me:  (lots of giggles.)  I have no answer for that.  (I know I have wanted to call some people here by that nickname....)

Funny little ditty number deux

One of my female friends (I'll call her Lola, that's her stripper name anyways), Lola, went to work for CSA.  She's Briddish.  Lola had never worked around the US military before, so she knew nothing about the terminology and granted - it is quite a bit different than English - even in the civilian world in the States.  So, when she heard about CSA's "Small Arms Department", she went into a fit of hysterics and imagined a room full of amputated small arms... ha ha.  That's funny. (It really means small weapons.)   So I was telling her about a business associate that I had met recently and mentioned that he's quite a nice person, but that he has very short arms and small hands and it is somewhat disturbing to me.  She said, "Maybe he works in the Small Arms Department."
... okay, so maybe it was funnier in person, but still.
(Now that's all I can think of when I see him, thank you very much, Miss Thang!)

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