Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not such a hero?

I have heard a rumour from a large retail chain that the customer satisfaction survey that went around at the end of last year, asking people to vote for their categories of places with great service online, was rigged.  Companies were asked to pay if they wanted to be voted the best.  Has anyone else heard about this?

If true, not only do I find that highly unethical, but it degrades any surveys to follow it. Would I send in my comments again should it be the case?  No F-ing way.


Anonymous said...

It's hardly surprising. Where's the incentive to work towards being the best if the market is dominated by a few big players?

Anonymous said...

Not true AT ALL!! It was very legit. I'm guessing the "large retail chain" that told you this rumor didn't place on the survey.... Really don't be a pawn in their disgruntled-ness ;)