Wednesday, October 08, 2008

News Commentary

From today's papers.

Story: Investors go to court to close bourse
“KUWAIT: More than 20 Kuwaiti attorneys filed a case against His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser AlـMohammed AlـSabah and Minister of Commerce and Industry Ahmad Baqer on Tuesday demanding the closure of the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) because of losses inflicted on traders and until the situation at the bourse is restored back to normal. The court slated Thursday, Oct. 9 to hear the plaintiff''s arguments. One of the lawyers representing a Kuwaiti stock trader says he filed the case to compel the government to temporarily close the slipping stock exchange to curb losses”

DG Commentary:
Oh my God. The Chosen Ones…. Dudes, playing the stock exchange is a risk. Similar to gambling, you are risking by investments. No pain, no gain. “Restored back to normal” ???? Have these guys actually been paying attention to what is happening around the world (and they are attorney’s right?). It is GLOBAL. Have they noticed stock markets everywhere else? What makes Kuwait unique? Gee, let’s petition the US government to close down NASDAQ because of what is happening there. Let’s suspend it until it is restored back to normal – like with a time machine maybe – to when stocks were at an all-time high.

If you wanna play, you gotta pay.


Story: Large Workers Strike Likely today
KUWAIT: A large group of Bengali workers are expected to stage a strike in Jleeb AlـShuyoukh today to protest against a decision by their cleaning company to take 170 dinars from their wages as residency permit and health insurance fees. Reports reaching the paper have it that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is exerting efforts to contain the issue before it spins out of control.

DG Commentary:
Um, geee, wait a minute… didn’t we just go through something like this in July? Wasn’t the MOSAL going to take measures at that point in time? 170 dinars from workers who are making what – 40 kd/mo? It is just another way for business here to take advantage of/extort money from poor laborers. HERE WE GO AGAIN!

Why don't they make it easier for these poor laborers to report their problems? For example, one Bengali cleaning lady I know at a school has had to pay for her visa. The cleaning company has kept her passport and won't give her her basic rights: ticket home, vacation, they even didn't pay her a salary for 7 months. She has gone to report it at the MOSAL and (told me that) was treated like a criminal. They shouted at her and told her to leave. What does she do? She goes door to door in my neighborhood begging. Crime in Kuwait? Gee, why would people choose crime? You mean they have to EAT? Why? Let them eat cake!


Desert Girl said...

Sir Banastre Tarelton: I've decided not to publish any of your comments. Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot as you chose to be vulgar. You can keep trying, but you are really wasting your time.

If you have a personal problem with me, take it offline and provide me with a working e-mail address so that I can respond.

Sounds like you created a blog account for the specific reason of writing to me.

Je ne impressed pas.

Jewaira said...

Desert Girl, has Bad Boy Bansy been pestering you? :P

Jewaira said...

If their situation has not yet improved, I hope they protest again.
It is the only way to make a statement.

Stan(Stani Emerson John) said...

It's really sad sometym's thinkin bout the plight of these labourers here in q8,their treated nuthin less than shit.When is q8 ever gonna wake up nd realize 2 treat evry1 as human beings.It's not the 80's anymore.
life style's have changed and standard of living has risen.pocket money u give doesn't suffice anymore guys !!!