Sunday, October 19, 2008

I saved a mall bird

I saved a bird this weekend. I was in The Avenues and walked into a store where a little sparrow was darting around. The guy said it had been in there for 2 hours (dumbass didn't even bother to call anyone!). It fluttered around and landed on the case in front of me. I guess it was in shock. I picked it up and took it outside. I thought it was almost dead because it didn't move at all in my hands. I was going to put him under some bushes, but as soon as I opened my hands, he flew high up and away into the sky.

I have always wanted to save a "mall bird". I get very upset when I see birds flying around walls and trying to escape from windows; banging their little heads in a vain attempt to fly skyward. It is so sad. Anyways, this little episode made my day/weekend.

Oh, I made myself laugh until I cried. I was having coffee with The Romanian and she was on the phone with someone (Someyoung Guy, most likely). As she usually does whenever we sit down, she took off her shoe. So, while she was concentrating on Someyoung Guy, I grabbed her toe under the table. The look was priceless. I know - stupid and pathetic, right? Shut up. I thought it was funny.

I got to work this morning and used the fuckingfingerprint machine as usual. Ruined my mood (although, admittedly, it wouldn't have taken much to do that). I am the only one in the company who uses their middle finger (can't help it - the rest have no fingerprints as they were 'horribly burned in a tragic car accident - leaving only my middle finger useable.' Go figure.) Anyhoo, sometimes I have to make 2 or 3 attempts poking at the fuckingfingerprint machine - much to the delight of my colleagues. Sometimes, I even warm it up first....

Our work atmosphere has been so bad lately that I now make the IT dude blast "Don't worry, Be happy" exactly at opening time when all the employees are coming in.

Do you know what is really sad and good at the same time? The Sultan Center has mojito mix. I just don't have rum, damnitalltohell. Would somebody please send me some? I'm not picky about brands - any ole rum will do.


Sanjeeva said...

Next time ur in DXB just call and I will deliver you a few bottles of Old Monk regular tipple. You can share it with me if u please!!

vinz-Q8 said...

Hi DG,We see the same thing here in our office complex. These little sparrows sit on the fake palm trees inside the Mall and hit the glass windows & the skydome in an attempt to escape.....

These bird look so desperate.....we never got a chance to see them so closely.

You did a great job DG