Friday, October 03, 2008

EYEraq the Vote

So, I watched the vice presidential debate (4 am Kuwait time)...

Here is what I am absolutely sick of – American politicians who can’t pronounce Middle Eastern names. Sarah Palin totally F-ed up the pronunciation of EYEraq and EYEran. Another peeve I have is when people mis-pronounce Ahmed – as in her screw up of Ahmadinejad: AKHmadinejad. There is no one named AKHmad. It is AHmad. Why the hell can’t these people – who are supposed to be educated and in this case, a potential leader of our country – correctly pronounce names? I hate that. It makes Americans en masse look like idiots. LEARN how to properly pronounce what you are talking about. Please don’t tell me that since September 11th, the US Government doesn’t at least have a few Middle Eastern advisors who might be able to point this out. Palin has been to Kuwait – did everyone else on her visit pronounce Iraq as EYEraq? If she can’t even properly pronounce the names of the country, what does she know about foreign policy with them? I want to hear her pronounce Qatar: will it be “Gutter”? That’s jacked too!

Oh, is it obvious yet who I’m voting for? I have to remain a closet Democrat at work, however, for several reasons – partially because of the nature of my business and partially because I will never hear the end of it from my neighboring colleague who is a staunch republican.

Isn’t Palin cute? (Gag!!!!) Too cutesy for words. Women aren’t Lego blocks. You can’t just pop one out and pop another one in. She was coached well for the debate, but "God love her" someone forgot to tell her how to sound intelligent about the Middle East.

More DG Comments:

Biden was factual delivering statistics and plans. Palin was rhetorical and folksy.

Palin needs to learn the term "achilles heel".

Palin stated "dangerous nations" and "people who hate us, don't believe in our way of life..." That is just the same old republical stance on "the rest of the world". Why should any nation conform to an American belief system? Palin is already drawing the same old lines between "them" and "us". It isn't that way. The world is diverse - LEARN about it.

CHECK OUT the Saturday Night Live spoof on the VP debate in full version. It is frickin hilarious!


Shurouq said...

Not to mention how she pronounced 'nuclear'. I bet Tina Fey was watching closely.

Biden was pretty dignified. Desert Girl, I'm voting Obama and I don't even get to vote.

American in Kuwait said...

Hey Desert Girl,


I would like to take this opportunity to remind all American Citizens in Kuwait about the deadline for Registering to Vote, which can be done online or in person at the US Embassy in Kuwait, Dead line is Sunday and they are open 1500 - 1900.
More details at my blog.


Purgatory said...

Her accent annoys me.

Anonymous said...


i think she is a very irresponsible choice for VP - totally out of her league. this is not what the country nor the world needs right now.

Desert Girl said...

T wrote to my e-mail:

I totally agree with you on Palin! GAG

I just got finished talking to my partner saying the exact same thing you said and when I logged on and saw your blog... hysterical.