Monday, October 13, 2008

My 50 KD drive to work

So, I played bumper cars again this morning in traffic. DOINK! I was moving into a lane. A woman behind me in another lane decided she wanted to be in the same lane. I was already in it when she came over and we bumped. No damage to my RENTAL car; hers had a scrape on the front bumber of her older-model Landcruiser.

Hard to determine who was at fault, but since it was the rear-end of my car, it was probably her fault. Not that it matters in Kuwait, but just in terms of the arrogance factor. Take the higher ground...

We look at both cars and I ask her if she wants to call the police or go. “Who will fix my car,” she asks me demurely. Well, technically, either way, she will (or if she is lucky and can sucker some poor guy into doing it for her - then HE will). She’s going to get the police report, then take it to her insurance company; then, depending on if she has full coverage or liability she will have to take it to (full coverage) the garage that the insurance company uses or; (liability) to whatever garage she chooses – AFTER waiting about a year for the payment to process. On liability, she’ll have to go to the traffic department and try to get her money from them after all that time. Major pain in the ass. Been there, done that, drive a rental car now.

I told her that we are both looking at 5 hours of police stations (PLURAL) with lots of disgusting people. She shrugged. I called 777 and the new non-English-speaking female call attendant hung up on me TWICE. What would happen if it was a real emergency. Yeah, that’s Kuwaiti “emergency” services for ya! So much for training. Transfer the call to someone who DOES speak English, Mdme. Disfunctional! (I called back later and asked for a 777 supervisor. I told another lady my story about woman #1 and she said, “I am really sorry. I work with idiots.” HA! At least a bit of honesty to brighten my day. Gave me a giggle.)

Anyhoo, we waited for 10 minutes and I’m thinking about how shitty my day is going to be, so I hop out and tell her that we both have jobs and why don’t we just solve the problem. She mumbles something about working for both Kuwait University and the Ministry of Health (as IF I giveashit). I should have told her a little bit about where I work and waited for her reaction. (But I DIDN'T - I was GOOD.) Anyhooo, I offer her 50 kd. She pouts, she shrugs, she waves her 600 kd watch in the air, she agrees.

We drive to the bank. I take out the money, thinking that regardless of who is at fault and how arrogant they are, I don’t want a bunch of grungy cigarette-smoking men in a hygienically-challenged office looking at my ass for the entire day; so I hand over the money. She says, “It will cost 70. I take it to Sayer…” Bullfuckinshit. The car is over 5 years old! Take it to any guy in Shuwaikh and in 2 hours, it will be brand new for 30 or less. Puhleeeeze. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter! I bullshit for a living. I have a PhD in Bullshit.

I was GOOD. I behaved myself. I didn’t break a sweat. I didn’t loose my cool. Nada. I should receive extra vertical mileage for this.

God bless her heart.

Yo - Anonymous commenter.... IN your face. Arab Times, November 6, 2008:


L.K. said...

the is such a sweet act and besides she doesnt deserve it cause shes the one who bumped into your lane. Nevermind 50 kd is better than a bad day.. cheer up ;)

Pak-Canadian Texan said...

"I work for the Kuwait University/Ministry of Health" - LOL too funny. The guy I got into a wreck with (ET) was asking me 21 questions - My nationality, where I work.....even salary - (my responses were even funnier than the questions)

Bojacob said...


Good job keeping your cool though :)

Hornet said...

So it's DG on the road, GOD help !!!
Well thank God you're safe & it isn't that bad.
I do experience the same proplem some time but to tell you the truth I dont want to end up in police station, you will the luckiest if they finishes your papers at the same day.
It's good you've solved it this way other than that it will takes days or may be weeks to be done with stupid administrational system

Loolykinns said...

Here's what you should have said when she told you it'll cost 70KD:
"take it, or leave it"

Desert Girl said...

I didn't have to tell her to take it or leave it. I just handed it to her and that was that.

Fuckit fuckit fuckit. You know she isn't going to get it fixed - she's just going to the salon tonight with MY 50KD!

oooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaa

This is why they don't allow me to own guns.

Loolykinns said...

atleast you could've used some cold'n'mean sentence y'know... like "i hope the kitteh steal'em and buy cheezburger with'em" or something...

Anonymous said...

Dude your a riot!!!! lol = Caliboy

Desert Girl said...

When I told him I paid her 50 KD and that it was HER fault, Bu Merdas told me I was stupid. I'm like, "YOU go put on some high heels and make up and sit with those creatures for hours!" AS IF he would even offer to help me if I needed him.

I figured 10 kd per hour at 5 hours - worth it to me. I'm done.

Stan said...

she's got a 600 K.D watch on ..and yet she wants 70 K.D from u ??? How cheap can 1 if i was that old lady..i'd have definitely given u back ur money ...i've got some self respect..

Desert Girl said...

There are only a few decent people left in the world who wouldn't sell their soul for money. It never occurred to her that it MIGHT be HER fault and that maybe she should just walk away.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I have to say I appreciate your sensibility.. common sense is not so common these days.

I just got to see you blog and I must I like the very honest and straight to the point style.
Keep it up

-Kuwait Born Indian

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous (comment on 4 November): If you would like to slam foreigners in Kuwait, I highly recommend that you start your own blog. You are more than welcome. However, you will not be able to leave those type of comments on MY blog.

I paid her the 50 kd so I didn't have to sit in a NASTY police station (and it usually ends up being about 3 of them) for a fender bender. I would GLADLY PAY to avoid having to go through that ordeal - even though as I stated, it was not my fault.

In any accident in Kuwait - it doesn't matter WHO is at fault. I don't care. You still end up leaving the police station with a police report in hand and no points system to "enforce" on those who are habitual offenders (the guy who put me in the hospital after my very large accident in Kuwait was a known drug abuser and rented cars because he had so many accidents. His father - a former government OFFICIAL stopped buying him cars. The young "man" was never arrested.)

Yes, some of the law "enforcement" personnel are very kind and nice, but this blog (once again) is about MY personal experience/perspective.

My attitude has nothing to do with it. I generally don't even speak to people who have threatended me in police stations or even raised their fists. IT IS A PIECE OF PAPER I'M AFTER. Let your sister or mother or girlfriend go to a police station in Kuwait alone after an accident and you be the judge.

Yanusie Algeriano said...

Well, people might have think that I am not from kuwait and I have no rights to say this but for my great honesty and respect to you guys. Kuwait is my life, I'm an 14 year old Algerian in love with Kuwait. Bad days come and go but in this country we find many people who would care for us!
I once loved to go to Marina just to see the people there!
But I was really shocked after I see all those people having a fight and all that stuff. I got stolen 8 times there and non of them took a thing from me. Wonder why?
All I said is "Are you a muslim?"
He replies in a desperate way "Give it to me". I catch his shoulder and make him understand in how is all this happening. This is Eid and everyone must have fun. It's a day where all people gather together and have fun. Being the leader is nothing but just an insult to others. I've heard many guy talking about the notorious guys going to jail everytime and getting out from there so easily. They might be very strong I agree. But why using this talent for bad things?
I have mistaken a million times!
But made it a million times better later!
I have a talent in Track & Field. Why don't I flick something and sprint to escape. Cause I always know that when I have that flicked item in my hand. All and what ever I have and my parents have becomes flicked!
I use that to challenge friends, go for nationals inshallah and sometimes show off. I agree with that but there is no human on earth being that innocent. But innocence have limits. If you are bad you can shorten that period of bad life by being clear to what you see in other good people. I am not being Dr.Phill or something. I am making everything clear to you guys in which you are being mistaken. And I am not alone. Where ever I go, what ever I do. God is always above me watching.
Once an old man told me that very rare people come into the bus or houses or what ever saying A-SALAM-3alekoum while others strike with a mean strong heart saying YA GAWAD and other harsh words. I use that words but I always keep my good side with me!
But no matter what!
People if you are bad you can change it. Don't continue and spoil your name.
This is all what I've experienced!