Sunday, October 05, 2008

Mayhem during Eid!

Did Y'alls hear about the fights at the malls and public parks during Eid? OMG. Just as the Arab Times announces on the front page today that "Europeans vow to fight mayhem," (about banking, however), mayhem is happening right here in our little village!

Arab Times, October 5, 2008: Gang Fights over teasing girls dog Eid days; Many youths injured in brawls (which is a totally sucky headline). Kuwait City, Oct. 4: "Several cases of public fistfights, through which some youth sustained injuries, reportedly occurred at various public parks during the Eid Al-Fitr festivities. A security source reported that four of those cases were recorded in Jahra on the first day of Eid. The fights erupted based on the fact that some youths accused other parties for purportedly harassing their sisters and then they resolved to protect their siblings (OMG, AT! Pay someone more than 250/mo to edit your articles for proper English!). The situation in Farwaniya region was much tensed (OMG again!) whereby 15 cases were recorded for similar reasons. Some of the incidents took place at the 'Avenues' shopping mall and about seven people suffered injuries. The case was reported at the nearby police station. The situation was not different in Ahmadi and Capital governorates where a series of public brawls occurred among youth for similar reasons. Security personnel rushed to the scene and arrested some of the trouble-makers..... "

Wild wild West. It's da wild wild West....

I heard through the grapevine that the Avenues brawl started when a dude started sexually harassing (gzzzzing) a young lady and she hit him with her handbag. Rather than taking the rejection (which he was setting himself up for by approaching a strange woman) and moving on, he took it as an affront to his "manhood"(or lack thereof) and punched her in the face. [Likesay, I heard this through the grapevine and knowing Kuwaiti sources, it may have been embellished a leeeettle (or a lot), so maybe someone else has heard another version.] It then turned into a gangfight of the 2 sides.

Now, if any kind of dance clubs/parties were allowed in Kuwait, these guys could shake their stress out (so to speak - tee hee) with women who are (willingly) there to party too. (Puhleeeeze don't write to me in a discussion of the religious ramifications for not allowing the exercise of free-thinking as it applies to entertainment in Kuwait. Je ne impressed pas.)

At least cases were filed and the victims were also Kuwaiti and not worried about repercussions from wastah. Not like us chickens. Bak bak bagaaaaak!

I shop at the malls here. It is rare that you ever see a policeman. God love them - the security guards are usually bidun and unable to actually intervene in the case of fights. WHY, pray tell, aren't there police satellite offices at malls in Kuwait? Ok, brawls are one thing, but God forbid something on a massive scale (like a bomb, etc.) should happen. Then what? Let me see - traffic is normally backed up to the entrances to the mall; travel time from a police station; etc. etc. Planning!!!!

Sing it, Big Willy!!!! "It's da wild wild West...." "break out before you get bumrushed, at the The Wild Wild West"


Jewaira said...

I would hate to think what would happen in a real situation where a genuine threat to security were to occur at the Avenues Mall.

They may try to reassure us with those poor khaki clad guards everywhere (with no place to sit or shaded a/c booth in the hot summer) but they are no protection against a real security threat.

The Bidoon working at the malls: I don't know how much they are paid, but I hope it is well considering who owns the Mall and the sheer size of it. Even so, I doubt those guys could do much either.

I wonder what other invisible security measures have been taken by those who own the mall to ensure the safety of shoppers and visitors?

Desert Girl said...

Mark on 248am has a post on the Avenues Meat & Greet (a pun):

I agree with the guy who commented on the need to DEsegregate schools: If there was more understanding of the genders, there would be less harassment. Edu-macate!

abolesanzalef said...

Hello DG
How are you and all people here, it was long time away from here..I have to thank you for that subject.I am really surprized from that Guardian inside Malls like Avenues or Marina..I have watched many quarrels there and they did nothing at all but watching.Even they did not call police as it seems they had orders no to do at all..I dont know why but some people said may be cua they are not Kuwaiti, so they have no permission to harm any people there..who know!!!!!!

Desert Girl said...

Welcome back abolesanzalef! I think the guards at the Avenues are only allowed to talk to someone - maybe in a control room - from their walkies. So, like, what happens when there is no one on the other end? You know how it is in Kuwait - they are probably out for a cigarette or chasing a girl around in their car.

The only contact I've ever had with one of those guards was when I was waiting in line at Lorenzino ("Wild Cheesecake" YUMM) and one of the guards was on the upper level. He held his crotch and made the incredibly vulgar tongue gesture when no one else was looking. I was so shocked that I couldn't even speak to Slapperella who was standing next to me. I am hardly EVER at a loss for words, either... What exactly does one say?

Stani Emerson John(Cal me Stan) said...

You know what , introducing a club in Kuwait is really a very good idea and i guess the only people to stand for this cause should be the Kuwaiti youths especially the ones who are educated in Europe or else where these days (and puhleezz don't tell me these guys don't go clubbin there)
I understand a lot of guy's apart from bein stressd out r also soo horny (KISR could actually start a research on y guys r so horny here in q8 mostly) If thts the case i wud giv u a head start..legalize clubs and drinks in Kuwait nd see the rate in Crimes fall.. Cheers..