Thursday, July 03, 2008

Warm & Fuzzy Emirati is Back

This is a continuation of March 11, 2008's post (LINK) on the Warm & Fuzzy Emirati.

After he left last year, he decided to work things out with the wife. He has divorced her formally in court 2 times now, but she is very close to his mother, so things are back on.

I haven't heard from him and after the several times that I have tried to contact him since March of 2007, his wife has called me back each time, so I decided to leave him alone. Part of the reason they are having so many problems is that she is very posessive and sneaks around taking phone numbers off his mobile phone, etc.

Supposedly, he lost his phone (or maybe she did?) with my number on it (Whoop! Whoop! ALERT! ALERT! Incoming bullshit....). Anyhoo, he has been asking our mutual friends and one of them refused to give him my number and the other one finally gave it to him on this visit to Kuwait. So, we got together.

I talked to his other uncle, a sheikh, who I knew in DC in the 80's and it was such an amazing phone call - you know when you haven't spoken to someone in years and years. I love that.

W&FE is referring to me as "my girlfriend" to his (and our mutual) friends and family now, so I am wondering if it is just a locational "while I'm in Kuwait" girlfriend, perhaps, or if he will really stay in contact this time when he gets back to Abu Dhabi. Hmmmm. I'm too old for that "girlfriend" word. (Well, I do have a schoolgirl uniform.... but I only bring that out on special occassions...).

I haven't told him anything about my personal life and I don't really plan to unless specifically asked.

Speaking of my personal life, I want to go to Kabd tonight or tomorrow.

And now, for something completely different....

What I read in the Arab Times today:

“The Ministry of Commerce has included ‘commitment to protect public morals’ (i.e. gender segregation in health clubs)…”

“… The committee, he added, was planning in the near future to invite the Minister of Interior to one of its meetings to discuss ‘indecent violations of appropriate conduct’ that ostensibly occur at some of Kuwait’s outer islands.”

“A survey by the al-Joman Center for Economic Consultancy found that 55 percent of Kuwaitis did not expect the new parliament to have a positive impact on Kuwait’s economy. Eighty percent said they saw no serious efforts to transform Kuwait into a financial hub.”

Well, no duuuuuh. If a parliament focuses their efforts on Teleban-tactics rather than making Kuwait into a progressive economy… yuh….

Let’s just continue to set back personal freedoms in the country while at the same time trying to increase tourism and foreign business/investment. Yeah! That’s the way to go.

What efah

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Sam Lawson said...

I don't disagree with you at all there. With all the money Kuwait has, wouldn't it be beneficial to create more interest in Kuwait from outsiders? Huge shopping malls aren't the answer, but I guess people think it is.

Then again, when we have such horrible things to worry about as men and women working out in the same gyms, why would anyone care to bring investments and international financial interest into Kuwait?

Good luck with the other issue. Things seems to work themselves out.