Monday, July 07, 2008

Stupid Tests & Quizzes Online

I love doing these tests. I used to do all the Cosmo quizzes whenever they came out. “What kind of lover are you?” and all that. (Faaaaaaaaaabulous – of course!)

Emotional Intelligence on this list is really not stupid. I took a course once that showed how Emotional Intelligence worked towards group dynamics – and I loved it. I learned that I am an ENFJ (same as Obama and my sister).

I’ve included a whole bunch o’tests below and links to them. has most of the really stupid ones (Are you an attention whore? Is one of my favorites, for example).

Slapperella, you need to take this one: Is your boss psycho?

Some of my blog readers need to take this one: How sketchy are you? (I scored 76%)

What is your Emotional Intelligence? More on EI

Are you an attention whore?

Right/Left Brain Test

More on Hemisphere/brain type

Relationships vs. personality type

What's wrong with your ex?


Aurous said...

I love these stupid quizzes. They're perfect for wasting time when I have nothing to do ;)

abolesanzalef said...

Helli DG

yes its really annoyed questions but sometimes makee me laughing....
silly question but as AUROUS said perfect for wasting times>>>>>>>

- have a stupid tests!