Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lipton Chai Latte - Where are you?

Lipton has been running a marketing campaign for their new Chai Latte. The Romanian, Lazy Girl Extraordinaire, got me hooked. "Just add water." Yeah, well thanks for nothin! We went to Sultan Center in Sharq and stared at the humungous mountain of Chai Latte (fancy Frenchy words for chai haleeb) and got us some. I had one, then two and then I was hooked. I don't know what kind of ingredient it has in it (maybe the MOH has banned it?) but its killin me that NO PLACE IN KUWAIT HAS IT now.

Gimme more gimme more!!!!

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Lipton, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I even have gone so far as to google them (yeah baby yeah) and I have found out that there is an entire support group for fools like me addicted to the stuff.


Purgatory said...

So many posts in one day, interesting.

sp4rkster said...

That good, eh?

Maybe it's been banned for that commercial of theirs. You know, how it seems to encourage the male population to start up conversations with random women whom are at your feet once you use your superb wasta skills to get some Chai Latte.

Anonymous said...

They're really good aren't they? :D

Unknown said...

I feel your pain! When I moved to Kuwait in 2006 we were shopping at Sultan Center and spotted a beverage called Bundaberg Ginger Bev (bottled ginger ale from Australia). It was fantastic and I bought several cases over the course of a couple of weeks. Then, suddenly, it was no longer there. I was devestated. I even tried asking the company in Australia who their distributer was for Kuwait, or if they would even consider an emergency air drop - smile. About a year later Sulton center had it on display again (Joy)! This time I horded many cases and filled up a closet because I just knew it would soon be gone. Sure enough, that happened again a couple of weeks later. Now, I'm down to my last case and I'm fearing the onset of the withdrawel symptoms - smile.

MikeD said...

Methinx there might still be a shipment over at over at City Centre. I tried them out a few weeks back - only because I cannot find my Black Chai Tea anywhere.

But - if you thought Lipton Chai Latte was a direct hit, you have to try an Indian Chai Latte that already comes premixed like the Lipton copycat - I know it's not available here in Kuwait so won't teez ya.

AFTW (afterword)
The premixed chai's are real wicked re tha calories - i moved on to black chai due to the above ;-)

Mubarak Hameed said...

MOH have also banned Tictacs :P

**Btw I have like a couple of boxes of Lipton Chai Latte. Haven't tried them yet ;p

Anonymous said...

Its available at LULU Hypermarket!

jordanian in the gulf said...

Now it is available agian :)
BTW, If you need anything which is not available in the market, The Sultan Center has a service which is called "Just Ask" - maybe many people already know about it!!! - they can bring any product from any brand without additional costs. they even can buy things from the net like laptops (my friend got a laptop)or LCD's!!! you will have to pay the shipping cost only.