Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cracker Barrel

One of my friends was on Restaurants Street over the weekend and saw a woman in abaya/niqab getting beaten up by 5 men. My friend saw her from her car – she said that a lot of people stopped, but no one helped her because they assumed it was her family who caught her out “doing something wrong”. She said even the police were there wouldn’t help. (I’m relaying what my friend told me – I wasn’t there.) So I ask you:

What would you do? At the very least, I would call 777 - maybe they could send more police or ensure that it was logged/whatever. After that, I would take out my mobile phone and film it (Rodney King style).

That’s terrible. Family or not, no one has the right to do that. Okay, disown her, kick her out of the house, but to beat her (as my friend said) “almost to death” in front of bystanders who are doing nothing to help her? Is this Kuwait? Is it really 2008?

God, I think about how lucky I am….

Another Kuwaiti friend told me a story about his neighbor who bought a little dog as a gift for his children. Give the gift of love, right? They kept it in an unshaded cage in their back yard all day/night with no food or water. When the kids took it out, they beat it for sport; the dog crying so loud that my friend could hear it from his house. He took pity on the dog and had his own hariss steal the dog and get it out of the neighborhood. My friend’s question: What kind of people are they that would buy an animal for their children to torture? Do those people pray 5 times a day? Do they fast during Ramadan? For WHAT? Rot in Hell.

Again, my question is: what would you do? I would have called PAWS or AFL, but my friend didn’t know about them (he does now).

Every night when I look over at Desert Dawg, I thank God that he brought her to me instead of someone evil and cruel. I can’t imagine a loving soul like her ever being used for sport. I would kill for that little dog. No question.

Wow: Heavy blog post.

Otay, wanna hear about my weekend? It was kinda boring, but it was okay. I’m on short-timers until vacation. I gots to get out of here. Lemmmmeeeeeee oooooooout!

Purgy sent me a message over the weekend asking if I knew any good places in Kuwait for Southern/country restaurants. Alls I could come up with was KFC, Applebees, and Ruby Tuesdays. There isn’t exactly an Evans, Cracker Barrel, or Country Kitchen here, is there? God knows – there should be. Anything with that much fat and cholesterol would be a gold mine in Kuwait (sans the pork lard). Sorry to let you down, Purg, but I just don’t know.

I would love a Denny’s, but for now, open-all-night at Freej Suwaileh is good for me. Yummy tashreeb.


KTDP said...

people in this country will neverhelp anybody because if they do it means that they have to get off their lazy asses and would eventually have to go through the whole legal boo ha ha that a situation like this entails.

MackDaddy said...

Let's approach this from a "psycho"-logical perspective...


"Man has long been the dominant species, but sadly, only a man would actively believe and thrive in that statement."


If that believer associates religion and culture to that statement, he then believes in omnipotency...


Wait for "Armageddon"..sweet release!!!

@Desertgirl... do not reply with "You go gurl..." cause im not one.. I just believe that the sh1t has hit the fan.. and there'll be years to pay for our "male domination"

Rupesh said...

Thank god!!!

These kind of guys should be punished and hang openly, so that no one will dare to do that again.

Regarding dogs...i dont have one so i am not qualified to comment.

keep going!!

Amaroq said...

It does not matter which country your reside in the collectve mentality is all the same, "I don't want to get involved".
On a side note on Cracker Barrel. Ummmm pancakes!

Anonymous said...

this is a bit late...reading your blog got lost in the business of summer!!

The Early Bird REsturant in Fahaheel is someplace to check out if you're looking for good and a little 'taste of Americana'