Sunday, May 01, 2016

Road Rage Kuwaiti Style

(Photo Credit:  Gulf News)

I drive a sports car.  Some man-children here don't like the fact that a female drives a sports car; like I'm a "bitch" with an attitude and I think that I'm better than them.  Or whatever.  I have just tried to figure out their silly little mindsets when they pull maneuvers like swerving in front of me trying to goad me into racing.  Or getting really close on my bumper trying to get me to go faster.

Case in point:  other day - I'm on a 1-lane off ramp and JeepMonkey is inches from my back bumper.  There is no room for him to get around.  There aren't any other cars around.  So, I speed up.  JeepMonkey gets his panties in a wad because (what exactly?)  It doesn't end there because he's a roid-tard and has to get in front of me and try to slam on his brakes (meanwhile, almost causing several accidents with cars in front of me).  Then, as I pull out my mobile phone and start taking videos of his antics, he puts his window down and tells me to pull over.

Aaaah... this is classic Kuwait road rage.  Pull over to "talk".

F no!  I'm not pulling over.  I'm not putting my window down.  I saw someone refuse to "talk" one time and the driver of the other car threw hot coffee at the other driver's closed window.  What would have happened if it had been opened...  (As I'm mouthing the words to "go have intimate relations with yourself" at him. - that is only a 40KD ticket by the way.  So is flippin the bird.) And you are a creep that I would never hold a discussion with.  So he continues his freakshow as I continue to gather photo evidence with my cell phone. Eventually, other drivers are in danger and are starting to get pissed off at him, so he flees.  (As a woman, if there had been an accident and we went to the police station, I could have filed a case against him which may end in 6 months in jail for chasing me.)

This is the way road rage is handled here.  Pull over to talk ends with street fights.  (Note that these incidents usually don't involve a woman.  However, there are a lot of non-men lately, so perhaps.)

Here is the incident that prompted me to post:
Coming home from dinner on Blajaat Street.  2 idiots in a (chick) Mercedes were holding up traffic consistently - all the way down the street - talking to a girl next to them. (OMG!  Just give her the number and MOVE!)  We were right next to them.  The guy behind the Merc was really upset because he couldn't get around him and had to put up with his abrupt stops.  The Merc stopped abruptly; and the Suzuki behind bumped him.  The Merc dude jumped out  (all pumped up like a rooster) with his passenger/friend (show for the girl?).  The Suzuki dude made the mistake of getting out of his car...  And that's when the Merc driver hit him in the face.  The passenger didn't do anything.  An innocent bystander walking by tried to intervene and stop him.  He almost got hit as well.  Even dude's friend (the passenger) couldn't calm him down and you could hear them shouting at each other.

Here is the thing: Stay in your car.  Lock the doors. Keep the windows up.  Take out your cell phone and start videoing the assailant and his license plate number.  Call the po-po (who won't arrive in time to help you, but you will have the video and can use that as evidence).

Who invites violence?  I don't get it.  You would think this would be common sense.  You can't talk sense with a crazy person.  They're crazy.  People have knives and are tweakin on meth.  WTF.  Even teenagers are killing each other lately [few days ago in Sabah Al-Salem.  A 18 year old Kuwaiti kid stared at (or spit on - depends on the version) a 16 year old Kuwaiti kid, so the 18 year old stabbed him to death] .

Kuwait isn't the safe place it was before.  Watch your 6 out there.


Mimi said...

"all pumped up like a rooster" haha, had to laugh at that. Thoughts of all the men who walk around the malls with their arms spaced at least 3 inches from their bodies came to mind :P You certainly have a way with words!

Desert Girl said...

Mimi - they are strutting like cocks - without any.... :) Thanks for the compliment. 99.9% of these so-called "men" don't even know how to change a tire, so in my book, that makes them nancy boys.