Monday, April 18, 2016

Kuwait EPA where are you????

Mishref, Block 4 in front of the walking track.
Road 51 which runs parallel to 303

Would someone please explain to me what the new and improved EPA in Kuwait does?  I see them smiling a lot in photos and shaking hands/patting each other on the back.  Yuckin it up for photos...

But seriously...  WHAT are they doing?

LOOK at this photo!  I moved to Mishref partly because of the trees. Lovely tree-lined streets.  Instead of pruning the trees, they are hacking at them with machetes like some horror movie.   If you're going to prune (at all) it should be at the beginning of the winter - NOT summer when they could provide (get this concept) SHADE and oxygen.

The baladiya (municipality) has pissed me off in general for years.  But now there is a law for destroying trees, right?  5000KD?  Enforcement much or what?   And where is Mishref co-op council?

Does the whole country have to be a sand pit?  Is that what they want?  The Talaban were really great about chopping down all the trees in Afghanistan.  Same mentality.

Lord, I miss Baba Jaber....

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