Monday, April 11, 2016

Beaches off 285 - Khiran

Back in 2014, I wrote a blog post about "discovering" the beaches at Zor (post linked here) off of Road 278 from 40.  Well, that area is now pretty built-up with chalets and a lot of people have also "discovered" it since then.  So... I've now moved on to more secluded beaches - completely empty - at 285.

It is hot enough now to swim.  The water is a little cool, but it is ok once you get in.  The thing I love most about this area is you can let your dog run free without anyone or anything around.  I had to stop doing that in Zor because too many people were around.

To get to 285, it is about an hour drive from the city.  Pass the Wafra and Khiran Resort exits and the next exit to your left will be 285.  You can pull up to any of the man-made berms (dunes) and walk over to reach the beach.

Bring food and drinks with you because there is absolutely nothing around for miles.  The closest store (I think) is at the 40/Wafra Road intersection.


Mimi said...

Wow, a place called Zor? Sounds like something out of Star Trek. Thanks. I need to check out these beaches. :-)

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great place to explore.. Is it open for anyone to come in or do you have to pay an entrance fee? Would someone ban you from using the beaches?? Are those beaches open to the public or are they private?

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous - they are free, empty beaches. No one is going to ban you. They're not public and they're not private - they are empty beaches. Just drive down there, find a spot and swim. Or barbecue. Whatever you want to do. No one ever checks.

Wael said...

Thank you for this helpful post
I've been in Kuwait for three weeks so far, and last week I was craving to find a "decent" beach to swim, (since all hotels won't let me in as I'm single man :/ ) luckily this thing will be solved when I wife comes here.
Anyway and to make the long story short, I went with a couple of my friends there .. And it was the cleanest and calmest area all over Kuwait
I enjoyed my time, and this is my place from now on :)