Sunday, July 13, 2014

Explore the Beaches at Khiran and Zour

If you're on my Facebook page ( you'll know that I had question on there a few weeks back asking if it was illegal to go swimming in a bathing suit during Ramadan. While it is not technically illegal, if you go to open/public areas (like along Blaajat Street), it might still get you arrested.  Go somewhere secluded (where you will not appear "disrespectful" in a bathing suit.)

I go swimming every weekend in the Khiran area; Ramadan or not and bathing attire is no problem because during Ramadan - there isn't a soul around (except for a few laborers working on the chalets under construction).  It is secluded and very clean (workers actually rake the beaches every day for trash) and the water is clear.   I let my dog run free.  Non-Ramadan is a little busier, but you can still find areas where there are no people if you drive around a little (no cars, no people...)

Getting there is a hike; it is about 45 minutes down either 30 (Fahaheel Expressway) or 40 (Malik Al Fahed) towards the Saudi border to exit 278. (And watch your speed - there are point-to-point cameras which measure your speed/time over distance rather than by cameras.  The overhead arches have cameras in them and you'll get a ticket - unless you have a Saudi license plate and that is like a license to speed in Kuwait... Just sayin.)

I guess they are planning to build Khiran City because it's not there yet...
Exit 278 and Chalets/Resort is to the left after this sign.
GPS:  28.677533, 48.298381

Turn Right at this sign - that's 278

Watch for massive speed bumps on 278.  They're hard to see and killer on your suspension!  Once you get on 278, you go straight down.  If you go all the way down to the end of 278, you'll come to the Khiran Resort.  I think they charge to get in, but you can drive around and see the resort.  You have to rent one of their chalets if you want to use the beaches there, however.

Where we swim is on the Zour side to the left of 278 (U-turn just before the bridge or alternatively, U-turn just after the bridge.  GPS: 28.687738, 48.385853 ).  If you take the first U-turn, take the first right (at the U), then the first paved road on the right (there will be an electric sub-station there).  You can go all the way down to the end of the road, or stop anywhere along the way (on the right of the road).   There are berms and trenches surrounding most of the beaches because the chalets are either still under construction or the land is still for sale.  You can either pull up next to a chalet and walk next to the wall for beach access; or just watch for where there are paths leading over the berms.

(Taken with my iPhone - and no filter added.
This is what you see!)

The streets are paved with the exception of several areas off-road where you might be better trying it in a 4x or higher vehicle.  (Any rental car is built for 4-wheeling so that's never a problem.)

There is no heavy current.  These are inlet beaches so the water is more shallow and great for kids.  What you won't find are public toilets (it's the sea...) or restaurants or even food trucks. (Although there is a Sultan Center mini-store on the Zour Chalets side near the boat ramp -  GPS:  28.676015, 48.381739.)   Bring your own food/water (and an umbrella!).  A lot of people go at night and make small barbecues on the beach.

The chalet architecture is also interesting if you just want to take a drive around.

There are closer beaches like at Dubaiiya or Julaii'a, but you have to explore along the road until you find access - and those places will likely require a 4x4 to get to (or you'll end up hiking in with your stuff).  The places I'm describing at Khiran/Zour are close to the road, so you don't have much of a trek.  The other beaches also may not be as clean as Khiran/Zour as they're not patrolled by cleaners.

This is the map of the Khiran area.  As you can see, there are a lot of inlets and places to see and to swim.  You can take exits 278, 285 or 290 and get to the sea.  (For those of you now upset with me for divulging this national secret - there are a LOT of beaches, not just one....)

If you are interested in diving, my friends at Al Boom have trips from Khiran resort (straight down 278).  You need to book in advance.  They will take you out to the islands (Um Al Moradim, Qaroh, or Khubbar - depending on where they want to dive that day) for 10kd per person for the entire day.  See my previous post here.  Their contact information is Tel : 965-4830570 /4830474 /4834831  Fax : 965-4838293  website :

If you are interested in renting chalets in the Khiran area, there are several realtors on Instagram @luxury_chalets @chaletrent                

For more photos and info, Ladies Who Do Lunch in Kuwait Blog has video clips taken from The Discovery Channel's documentary on Sea City  LINK HERE.                                                                                               


Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is that you are in Kuwait during Ramadan. In years past you always travelled home for most of the month. Check out 248AM old photos of Kuwait, you would really enjoy them.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous - It depends on when Ramadan is. If it is around my mother's birthday - July 25 - I won't be in Kuwait. Other Ramadans I'm here.

For those of you upset that I've divulged a national secret of these secluded beaches, note that on the map of the area, there are many beaches in the area - just choose one where there aren't other people.

Melody 82 said...

Hi there, do you still have the location of this beach?