Monday, July 07, 2014

What to wear when meeting your x-boyfriend's wife

I am extremely grateful to have been extended an invitation to share iftar with Desert Guy and his family.  I am equally grateful that his wife called to invite me.

Many of us are from non-traditional/unconventional families these days.  I seem to get glimpses into these types of families.  It's interesting.  

When I was living with DGy in the desert 2 years ago and we were dating, I knew that he was still married and he was still living under the same roof with the Mrs.  His kids knew/know me and we all like each other. DGy told me that he was still married for the kids.  Verify:  I've heard from other people including his relatives that this is true (and was true long before I met him); they basically lead separate lives under the same roof.  Who am I to judge?  I've seen a lot more unconventional marriages, so whatever.  

Anyways, he and I are still friends.  I have met his recent girlfriend (who I like a lot).  I've heard that DGy's wife knows his girlfriends' best friend.  Yeah, ok, unconventional again.  Whatever.

I have heard that DGy wife is a nice woman and that they had a love story of a marriage that at some point went wrong.  She's a lawyer, so undoubtedly, she doesn't have to stick around for financial reasons.  I'm very curious about her.  

I just know that she must be an absolute saint for staying with him.  He's a tough one.  He has a good heart, but..... much better as a friend than as a romantic prospect.  He's got a bad temper, isn't exactly faithful to any woman, and has the attention span of a gnat.  But - he is the type of man that you can count on when you really need him.

When they both called me yesterday and invited me for ftour, it totally threw me.  She was lovely on the phone, very kind and welcoming and she said that she had heard nice things about me from DGy and her children.   

The first thing in my mind was, "What do I wear?"  I'm going to have a mad rush through my closets today.  eeek.

(I'll let you know how it turns out....)

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LWDLIK said...

A dara'a and killer heels. Good luck!