Monday, June 30, 2014

Ramadan Etiquette 101

This is from my friend, Bionic Nomad's blog.  Too good not to re-post!

Ramadan Kareem everyone! Now let’s give you a basic crash course on Ramadan Etiquette 101:

1.     Nobody is interested in your daily Fitoor/Sehoor photos: We know how good the food is after a whole day of fasting. Your dates and laban (or whatever you are drinking) aren’t anymore special than mine.
2.  Being devout is cool. Taking selfies of being devout isn’t cool. (Example: selfie in a mosque, selfie on the prayer mat, etc) Nor it is going to score you anymore “devoutness points”.
3.     Posting/sending texts: Fitoor time, prayer time, sehoor time, prayer time..get the hint? That’s called spam, it’s not called reminding someone. That’s uncool. We all can hear the mosques. I am deaf and I know the timings. So don’t be an annoying spammer.
4.     When you’re out driving, keep your eyes on the road; not on that setting sun or the clock. Don’t kill yourself or anyone else on an empty stomach. Keep your cool, drive sanely and wisely. Food isn’t going anywhere and God won’t blast you into a smoking crater if you’re late. (Try sleeping on an empty stomach, unpleasant feeling isn’t it?)

5.     You’re fasting and about 2 billion other Muslims are fasting too. Don’t be a wuss, go to work like it’s any other day. You didn’t get your caffeine/nicotine fix? Suck it up, princess. Think of those people who work outdoors for a living while fasting. Also, who cares if you see a person eating/drinking? If it’s legal to eat/drink in public then you don’t have the right to complain. I repeat:

Suck it up, princess.

Have a blessed Ramadan!


Crazy in Kuwait said...

Love it! He's such a cool guy.

Rayan Galal said...

I love your comment: suck it up princess !!...very funny :D

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaamen!!!! Hahahaha!!!! Well said DG!!! You rock. Miss youuuuuu... Mwaaaah (your friend that you named "Posh Beckham" if I'm not mistaken lol)

Desert Girl said...

Crazy - I love him and his perspective!

Posh - I miss you too, girl!!! OMG - it has been far too long. Read my post today. I'll call you later.

Desert Girl said...

Rayan - It's not my comment, it's still Bionicnomad's! I plan to steal it, however!