Thursday, June 26, 2014

Al-Zor Refinery

I was talking to a friend at KNPC last night about the plans to build the Zor refinery (part of the clean fuels project).  It hadn't occurred to me in the past how close the refinery will be to Khiran - and all the amazing waterways and chalets they are building.

The planned refinery will literally be across the road (and in the desert) from the Zor power plant.  If you've spent any time recently on a beach in that area, you know how close it is.

My question is this:  Why develop water ecology and resort townships only to later plunk down a pollution-pouring refinery right next to it?  Why not make it further away where there are less inhabitants?

The sea life in the area is bound to be harmed by this as well.   I think it's sad.  If this was planned (and this has been going on for years here) anywhere else in the world, home owners would be up in arms over it.  It has all been very quiet.

If you want to read up on the project, there is an article LINK here and you can do a Google search.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe so, but it is close to Happyland, don't forget, so lunch will be covered.

Maryam W said...

Here we go again, Kuwait! This isn't surprising to me at all, i'm just disappointed.