Sunday, June 08, 2014

NEWBIE ALERT: AWARE Center To Host Ramadan Do’s and Don’ts” Diwaniya and Dinner Buffet

I sincerely appreciate what both AWARE Center and TIES are doing for the expat community.  Both organizations serve to promote cultural and religious awareness (in a non-pushy and friendly manner) of Kuwait to expats living in the community.  Both centers offers are particularly beneficial to newcomers to Kuwait.  And both centers are here to help - not to push religion on you or make you feel uncomfortable.  It is all about understanding and genuine hospitality (which, in my humble opinion, is the true nature of the Kuwaiti people).  Plus, you make expat friends who are also attending and going through the same newbie-to-Kuwait stuff that you are.  Good times.  Good support.

Seriously you guys, while you're here - get to know the culture.  If you can, try Ramadan food (especially if you are invited to someone's home).  It is a great time of the year to get to know people.   I'm not just saying that because I've "gone native" or anything, but it is the truth.  Receiving an invite to Ftour (break fast) at someone's home is like getting an invitation to someone's home for Thanksgiving.  GO!  Nobody is going to ask you to pray or convert to Islam (just like we wouldn't push someone to convert on T-day!).  Free food and  you'll learn something!  

(Reyadh Al-Bannaw I am thinking of you right now, having your first Thanksgiving with me and my family; sitting there with that big, stupid grin on your face, not knowing what to do or what to say.  You lived, right? ha ha!)

AWARE Center Dinner Invitation

How should I greet Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan? How should I reply if they greet me? Should my public behavior change in Ramadan? When and where can I eat during daylight hours? How should I handle food gifts from neighbors or colleagues? What should I expect if I accept an invitation to break the fast? What will happen on the roads? When is the best time to shop? Will my paperwork get done? And how should I look at non-productivity and excessiveness?   (DG comment:  Forget the last 2 sentences of this paragraph.  No matter what they tell you - it aint gonna happen. Take a vacation.... just sayin...)

This lecture will be held at the AWARE Center on June 10 at 7pm and will be  followed by a dinner buffet. Advance registration is required at

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