Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pretty little Kuwaiti Porsche girls

You know how there is a difference sometimes in car drivers?  Some people discriminate on people solely by the automobiles they drive.  Of course, these are sweeping generalizations and not everyone is the same.  I am often judged unfairly because of the type of car I drive (but I don't care - I love my car and that's why I bought it; not to race it or to prove how much muscle the engine has).

This is my perspective; what I see.

I am passing along a compliment to all the Kuwaiti girls who drive Porsches - specifically the 911 model (not Panameras or Cayans).  All (again, a generalization) of the 911 Girls look like little dolls. Like founder Ferry Porsche said, "a small, lighweight sports car that uses energy efficiently." The drivers here are similar. They are upper class, are very well dressed and polished and don't seem to be easily annoyed in traffic. They know the capability of their cars, but just seem happy to be driving them rather than proving their power. And unlike their sisters who drive Mercedes, they seem much more content to just "be".   (I love Mercedes by the way - it is my favorite vehicle, but then ... I've never driven a Porsche so I don't have anything to compare it to.)  The Mercedes girls seem to have been gifted their cars rather than having to earn it.  Maybe the Porsche girls had do to more work to attain a sports car.  It just seems to be a different attitude.

20 years ago, you would rarely see a Kuwaiti woman driving a sports car.  Now, it is normal.  But if you think about it, the women who started driving sports cars were pioneers for others to follow.

Anyhow, back to my point:  You go, pretty little Kuwaiti Porsche girls!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter when you drive down the same under developed roads that are gridlocked at unprecedented rates never before seen in Kuwait and what is the government's solution to the problem? Just remove the speed bumps in the shoulders as a cheap way of increasing the lanes. I laugh at the nice cars in Kuwait because they drive down the same 'guetto' roads that I drive on, what a shame and they look like fools!

TisMe said...

People seem to be very irrational nowadays taking 30,000-50,000KD loan to buy a car just to impress others and show a specific image.

Anyway shout out to the Porsche girls !!!

Desert Girl said...

I wrote a cute little post about little Porsche dolls and you guys have turned it all negative. STOP IT!

TisMe said...

Hahaha my bad! i was fasting at that time : p

Crazy in Kuwait said...

Well, here's my two cents....when I first moved here and saw sports cars I would look and find a good looking guy (sometimes and other times they need the car to get a date) these days you look over and it's a tiny Kuwaiti Barbie driving so I just stop looking. I'm a drive-it-like-you-stole
e-it type so I could not cruise around Kuwait, if I wanted that I would hire a driver.

Kathy Travis said...

I think I will like the little Porsche dolls more than the other ones. It is great women have come that far in Kuwait. GOOD article..