Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Saveco Kuwait - My new happy place

Sometimes I think I'm helpful; and other times I feel like I'm living under a rock and totally behind-the-times.

I have heard about Saveco for a while now, but I'm one of those people whose primary concern about shopping is the parking lot and ingress/egress.  I avoided The Avenues for a long time because parking was a problem (I now know a secret parking place where most people haven't figured out how to get to - saving me frustration and time!).  Anyhoo, I used to work in the same strip where Saveco is in Rai/ Shuwaikh next to the Friday Market and the construction they were doing there (and the amount of people who seemed to be going there to play demolition derby/vehicular manslaughter was a major turn-off).  Things appear to have settled down AND I have found that NO ONE is there at Iftar time (woo hoo!) so that's when I went. (Saveco has parking both in the front and rear of the store, so honestly, I can't complain toooo much.)

My buddies at Bazaar Magazine published a very nice article on Saveco last month -  which I only now read.  I'm even more impressed by the store now that I know about the background and the CEO/founder (and that she's female and went to school in Baaahstin - you go, girl!)    I like the entire concept.  It is refreshing and I honestly wish her total success; hoping she will be able to make it a chain.  The concept is actually better than I have seen at my favorite US stores (like Whole Foods or even Wegman's)

My own perspective was this:  (walking through the aisles, eyes wide with wonder/amazement, mumbling out loud, "This is AWESOME!" and calling my girlfriends to tell them).   I ALWAYS say that you can judge a store and their ownership by how happy their employees seem (sadly, we've got a lot of unhappy employees for the most part in Kuwait as progressive HR methodology hasn't caught up to the rest of the world). Saveco employees were happy, friendly and helpful; and not at all in-your-face with the "sir-maams" and BS (like in some stores where the sales clerks are forced to follow you around and ask stupid questions).  This store felt "real".  It's quality. Quality products.  Quality displays.  Quality people.  BAM.  The prices were also quite good.

You can read more in detail in the Bazaar article (I can't write anything more - or anything better - than they have).  Saveco has a food academy and I am hoping that I can get my hands on their schedule (which I will gladly publish periodically if someone will send me).  I am also hopeful that they will have Kuwaiti cuisine classes - I will be totally in as long as they are authentic.

Here are some photos I took.  Go check the place out for yourself.  You're going to love it!  It's at the corner of 4th Ring Road and 55 Airport Road in Shuwaikh.  Next to the Friday Market (do NOT go see the animals in the Friday Market!!!  CLOSE THAT PLACE DOWN!)

View of fruit and veggies section downstairs.
Home section upstairs.
(There is also a cafe upstairs that is clean and airy)
Fish art

Hey - here's something new... meat thermometers.  Imagine that.
They have a very large meat and cheese section
Large pet section - look at the massive rawhide bones, Mikey!

OTT selection of baking dishes/displays
(including cupcake holders)

Spanx - Massive amounts of stuff to bake and
 decorate yummy things with!
Food academy offering cooking classes!

Here is my personal wishlist of future sections to see in Saveco in the future:  Florist, pre-prepared gourmet foods (like Wegmans - OMG!), maybe organic/holistic vitamins, cosmetics and toiletries like Wholefoods.

I just love this store!  Go there!

Thanks, Bazaar Magazine for the good read and for providing the following contact information:

Saveco is located in Al-Rai off the 4th Ring Road.  Contact them at 2228 7700 or visit their website at  You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @saveco, or on Twitter @SaveCoQ8.  For more information on the Food Academy you can call 9714 6363 or follow them on Twitter@FoodAcademyKw or Instagram @TheFoodAcademy.


Crazy in Kuwait said...

I love the place! But I want it to be our secret lol I hope it doesn't go downhill after a few months.

Mike Melon said...

Did you know they're getting Tesco now as well ?

Melody (Hogstad) Mitchell said...

Thank you for this post and your blog! My hubby and I just moved here and we really appreciate all of this insight. We are excited to explore.

Nawara said...

Thank you very much for your kind words and appreciate your support! It means the world to every single member of the Saveco Family!

Warm Regards,

The Saveco Family