Wednesday, June 05, 2013

DO SOMETHING this summer! Learn how to dive at Al Boom Dive Center

This is a special shout out to my friends at Alboom Dive Center.  I have known one of the instructors for 30 years (I'm 29).  He was learning to dive then and Americans taught him how.  Now he teaches Americans (and others) how to dive.  Why didn't he ever teach me?  Because I'm a bigfatchicken.

Do something this summer.  Learn how to dive.  Explore Kuwait's amazing sealife.  Doooooo IT!


Since summer has started, many people in Kuwait like to have activities to do, but they do not know what those activities are. Alboom Marine Dive Center family would like to be a part in helping people to decide about that activity they are looking for. We offer scuba diving courses under the umbrella of the National association of Underwater Instructors “NAUI”. Most of the youth with the ages between 17 and 25 are looking for those activities and adventures to occupy their time and have fun as well. Alboom Marine Dive Center has a very long history in the marine life in Kuwait, especially in scuba diving since we are the NAUI service center in the Middle East. Established in 1987, Al Boom Marine is the largest diving school in the state of Kuwait. Our diving school has trained & certified more than 20,000 divers in different fields. 

We are NAUI’s official service center in the Middle East and we offer diving courses in Arabic and in English as well.  (Female Instructors are available for women.)

Al Boom Marine offers a full range of NAUI diving and snorkeling courses from beginner to Instructor level. We are focusing on student learning, skills development, and divers’ safety. All of the Instructors in Alboom Marine Dive Center are internationally certified and also qualified to teach the NAUI scuba diving courses.

What we would like to offer for you is scuba diving courses under the training regulations of NAUI. This offer will give the you the opportunity of a life time to discover the underwater life in Kuwait while training and worldwide after getting certified.

We hope to hear from you soon regarding our offer. And remember always NAUI’s saying “Dive safety through education”.

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